Adding Midnight Marauders To a Classic



As you walk into The Black Couch, the first thing you’re going to notice is the atmosphere. The paint splattered and mural decorated floors, the art pieces covering the walls, and the amount of people gathered in the common space for 2nd Fridays, a monthly open mic. This past Friday however,  Ever Evolved teamed up with The Black Couch to create the first ever Midnight Marauders. It added to the open mic event, allowing artists to perform and display their talents. As the night progressed, we saw many different talents from Ever Evolved, including A.B.S, Rhymster, Mike Booth, and AR performing freestyle and spoken word. This also gave new people a chance to come out later in the night, to be able to express their talents. Night Owls can expand their creativity as it went on well past 2am. Now, next month, it will take on as its own separate event so keep checking EverEvolved’s Facebook for event updates!

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