Isael X Lost Seeking Direction

Chicagos own Isael X is making his rounds on soundcloud. Most commonly known for his LSD volume series, Isael did a feature on a track dubbed Cold World with fellow Chicagoan Marvelous. Produced by Born Ready The track itself is part of I Accept Your Apology, an LP by Marvelous under Private Stock Studios.

As said before, it is still holds truth today; Isael X has a good ear. Every track you hear Isael perform on is of top quality production. Connecting with many great artists with great skill level such as fellow Chicagoan 5heriff who produced Triangulate amongst others. Another rich track for Isael featuring Mfn Melo.

Although Isael has since removed his previous LSD mixtape series from soundcloud any long time fan knows the talent this man has started with and continues with. His latest installment of LSD, Lost Seeking Direction. This mixtape, released a few months back, has been a long time coming. Featuring creatives such as Bsick, CEO, Deemed, Invictous, amongst many. Loyal fans know the craving for new music, for such quality production from hard working and talented artists. At long last the craving was satisfied! Marking a return to Isael X music.

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