Dani Deahl – Chicago’s Trap Music Queen

Photo Cred: Spencer Bagely
Photo Cred: Spencer Bagely

Dani Deahl, Chicago’s own hard hitting kitty queen and prominent inspiring female figure in the electronic dance music genre has taken to soundcloud with a remix and original to fire up any dancefloor. On on end we have her remix of Politics As Usual, a track by Rroid Drazr which was featured on its remix EP along with artists RUN DMT, Riot Ten and Klutch amongs a couple others. In the other corner we have an original track SMYK, short for Show Me Your Kitties, featuring Rohan Da Great. This track has also been remixed by artists Aylen and Reid Speed. Both tracks capable of producing heavy elbow throws and swings in the club and at festivals with their heavy hitting bass, and blaring synths. Watch out for Dani Deahl, she may be a sweet face but her music has that straight Chicago attitude!

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