Rising Artist: Axel Knox

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Axel Knox, an aspiring house music producer out of Dublin, Ireland is making some real noise coming into 2015. Having a good track record over the last few years Axel has been releasing tracks with record labels such as Dirty Red, BRM Electro, Phethouse and Pop Rox Muzik. He has also made onto top 5 charts with names like Audio Jelly and Track It Down with his hit single Elev8tor. His succession into the EDM community is gaining him a lot of support and respect among audiences and artists alike.

Knox has more than one track up his sleeve that has gotten him his much deserved recognition. Not long ago Armin Van Buuren himself gave Axel a shout out on his hit trance radio broadcast “A State Of Trance“. AvB went ahead and featured Live Without You , a progressive house tune with beautiful female vocals, after its release giving it airplay to a wider global audience that will surely enjoy the audio experience. Axels style and sound can most definitely capture the ear of any audiences across the globe.

Knoxs creative talent is takin him to make music that will pretty much please the ears of any house music listener. His most recent track Mogass via Pop Rox Muzik takes the listener through harmonious synths and crunchy acid house basslines. Giving the listener a trip any trance and acid head would enjoy and an idea of knox’s talents among a wide range of music genres. This is one for your next mixes playlist.

All that being said, Knox should be looking forward to a great year ahead of him. The kind of tracks he is generating is definitely addictive and once he hits a more larger audience he will be unstoppable, which should not take long. Recently striking up a publishing deal with Stadium RED in New York, it is only a matter of time through all these networks before his music is heard by a more national and even global audience. So keep your ears open for Axel Knox so you do not miss out on the excitement!

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Victor Niglio Fuses Genres with New Track “Amani”


Victor Niglio, seemingly came up out of no where into the music scene. Victor who is most known for his trap style, twerkin and party anthems, and more notably his anthem “Jiggy”, quickly gained a huge following after being noticed by major artists like Diplo and Borgore and even getting to collaborate with them.

Now it seems the booty monsta himself is looking to break genre boundaries with the release of this track “Amani”, which fuses euphoric trance melodies & synths and his infamous trap sound. I say it is about time. I have always wondered how trance and trap could work together, and thus, Victor made this possible and he did not dissapoint.

This time teaming up with Khross for their very first “artist spotlight month”, the two releases various merchandise & remix package of Victors songs. Aside from that Victor Niglio & Khross are dabbling into charity work. Since this track is being given out for free, Victor is hoping you can give back with a donation to AMREF, which provides medical aid to East Africa, through his website here, and whatever donation you provide Victor will match that so the charity essentially gets twice the amount you send! Truly inspiring work, being able to give to back to the world through his talents and also making people think outside the box in terms of genres. Can’t wait to see what this man has in store for us in the future!

download this track and donate here