Techno Artist Pablo Say

Techno producer Pablo Say has come out with a myriad of releases this month! For those of you unfamiliar, Spain is where this artist originates and at a young age of 16 Pablo discovered electronic music mixing through vinyl records and playing at clubs around Valencia, just like all of us. Since then he shared the stage with the likes of UMEK and had his music shared with other big names in Techno music like Carl Cox, and Richie Hawtin.

Within a months time Pablo released two separate packages of music! Moti On, a 4 track EP, was released on Truesoul, a label by Adam Bayer.  Four of some of the most hypnotic techno tracks you will hear. Red Chamber, the leading track on the EP, was ranked at #88 on beatport top 100 Techno tracks.

Most recently Pablo released Oncle. A 3 track EP that was released under his friend Dennis Cruz‘s label Lemon-Aid Music. Another few of head bobbing techno house tunes to move your legs too. Just as he released Oncle Pablo is also getting prepared to let loose a track on Toolroom records compilation BPM Sampler 2016. You are lucky enough to get the preview for now you have a total of 7 songs to cruise on in your playlist. Hang tight!

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Amtrac Prepares for Lost In Motion Tour, Releases Dope House Music

Big things in line for Caleb Cornett‘s music career. Also known as Amtrac, the artist has a lot planned for himself and his fans! He just embarked on his first Headlining tour with Hotel Garuda. You know what that means, as a headline Amtrac can produce live to his fullest potential knowing people come specifically for him and his talents. Lucky us as well, Chicago has a tour date for February 18th at theMid. You can check out his facebook for tour dates near you!

Coming as a double whammy announcement, along with his first headlining tour Amtrac releases Darkest Sound. A deep bassline and harmonious synths leading to vocals to start off the first track of Amtrac’s up and coming EP for 2016, Lost In Motion. Hearing this track I can only imagine what unreleased goodies he will be playing on tour that he has not already played during tours with Gorgon City. Amongst the many tracks he has on his playlist already. Have you seen his soundcloud lately?

Caleb has been puttin in some real work in the studio. From remixes to collabs to originals, he has been creating some addicting hip shakin tunes. Lover, released just over two weeks ago, is already at 88k views. Elev8, a collab with notable house artist Alex Metrix, released on OWSLA/Big Beat Records will have you lost in a trance. Finally a remix of Get Your Love by Leo Kalyan will sober you up with deep lyrics and hypnotic bassline that keeps your hips swingin. These are only a few of the tracks Amtrac has released within the last month and a half, give or take. There is 3 singles on Toolroom Records and a piano remix of Kaskade’s Disarm You ft. Ilsey that you are waitin for your listen on soundcloud. Do not snooze on Amtracs sound!

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