Tchami unleashes the After Life EP

Coming out of Tchami‘s self proclaimed label Confession. Tchami did a great job building the hype on this EP, releasing key tracks to fans to get them just the right time, leaving them wanting more. Earliest releases of which were the uplifting After Life with Stacy Barthe on vocals followed by Missing You with AC Slater and Kaleem Taylor. With the premier on Spin magazine the EP was finally recognized in its fully glory.

Unveiling three more tracks, Tchami put a lot of creative effort and artist collaboration with on this project! Working with Dombresky on Freakin and on his closing track Alone Tchami hooked up with Chuck Ellis and producer Illangelo who is known to work with Weeknd, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J and other notable artists. A lot of talent packed into a 5-track EP. Of course we cannot forget about Superlativ, packed with nasty basslines, chopped vocals and piano chord breaks. A combination of deep house and garage dubbed future house, a genre most people accompany with Tchami; He is maaking some real noise in the industry with this release.

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Tchami teases After Life EP


Being released off his own label Confession, Tchami teases his upcoming EP After Life. Teaming up with the Night Bass master AC Slater and vocalist Kaleem Taylor they create an energetic track that will really get the dance floor goin.  Missing You is the second song released off his upcoming EP. Starting with Kaleems vocals over airy synths into heavy and bouncy bass and chopped up vocals, they really got creative on this one. The quality Tchami track we were waiting for since he released After Life EP single featuring Stacy Bathe few months back. Though the EP may take a while, us fans will wait happily with this continuous flow of releases like his remix of Timeless by Caroline Koch and this gem. Check it out below.

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Oliver $ & Jimi Jules – Pushing On (Tchami Remix)


Released in the early months of 2014, Berlin based artist Oliver $ and Swiss Jazz  aficionado Jimi Jules mastered a Chicago styled deep house track Pushing On. With a bass line and piano chords reminiscent to Frankie Knuckles style and sexy vocal samples, the beat quickly becomes energetic and spiritually uplifting. In comes Tchami putting in a future house attitude on the track. Starting with chopped up vocals and light melody, Tchami adds new energy to Pushing On with his own bass line synth at the drop. With the vocals flowing perfectly over the bass line, this energetic track with keep you groovin the whole way though.

Check out the Pushing On remix below and follow Tchami on Soundcloud.

Tchami releases new single “Untrue”


Ever stumble upon a song that gets stuck in your head? This one might be one of those. But fortunately for Tchami this is a track you would want on repeat!

Released April 4th under Spinnin’ Records this french producer unleashes this deep house track with some real chill vocal and the rawest bass riff you haven’t heard yet. This track will have you grooving for days. Instant classic I would say.

Check out Tchami‘s new single “Untrue” below.