Taylor Bennett Debut LP Broad Shoulders

With the title of Chance the Rapper‘s little brother, Taylor Bennett may have some shoes to fill in the eyes of the public but he most certainly makes the cut and then some. Premiering on Rolling Stones his debut album makes some noise following his successful mixtape Mainstream Music, Taylor establishes himself as an independent artist with Broad Shoulders. With the help of LudLow on production they created an album ranging in sounds and genres. Another key in making this album successful is the collaborating on a few songs with artists from Chicago like Donnie Trumpet, Joey Purp, King Louie and of course his brother Chance as well as other artists outside our area code. Plenty of potential in this 19 year old artist and plenty more music to come, this is only the beginning. Keep an ear out for Taylor Bennett.

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Donnie Trumpet is filled with Soul

Donnie Trumpet gets real soulful in his most recent remixes with a few Chicago artists. Being a musician from Chicago himself he networks and works with quite a few popular faces in the music industry here like Towkio, Chance the Rapper, Probcause and even more talent outside local city limits.

From the Social Experiment Nate Fox joins in a remix of Lianne La Havas‘s Green & Gold, turning the playful pop hit into a soulful R&B beat as Donnie echoes in the back with his trumpet. This production is real easy on the ears and soul you cannot help but wiggle around a bit. On another track Donnie collaborates with Shay Lewis and Brandon Fox on Taylor Bennett‘s original track Dancing In the Rain on his debut album premiering on Rolling Stones. Alot of talent packed into one soulful tune. Would be a pleasure to experience live.

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