Living Up To the Name Blacking Out: Savant is a True Pupil of Hip Hop.

SXVXNT, pronounced Savant, was interesting right away with his articulate expression and knowledge of instrumental production. He is quite a learned trumpet player as well as a pianist. His composing style is lush and bright melodies with harmonies that are flushed out, giving him a sound that resembles Pharrell or Dr. Dre‘s piano beats from the golden age. SXVXNT grew up in Chicago but has been based out of Los Angeles the last few years so his sound is definitely west coast influenced to a degree. This is especially true of his latest stand alone single Blackout.

Blackout is a fast paced uptempo anthem of getting back into music making and for lack of a better term, blacking out or going crazy. SXVXNT raps quite fast you will have to replay this record multiple times just to try and fully comprehend every bar. The replay value of the record is high because it sounds good, flows well and then by the end you wonder, what the hell did just he say? Lines to point out are “Overgrown jesters, who hope to be only known by the droves of decrepits, so who selected this road of less trekkers?” to “Signing off with texts beyond measure with the picture perfect elicit versatile I let proceed“.  “Light is the flight of the highest in Peregrine” and lastly “I end up bleeding through the speakers, the speed shows 90, which means the beats gone try me so let me creep slow lightly“.

Self produced with production help from Bobby Midas, Blackout is but a glance at the genius level potential for SXVXNT as a recording artist. SXVXNT currently has an EP in the works slated to be released in the early to mid part of 2019. Now that SXVXNT is back in his home city he is prepping for a big push in his career. As a master of his craft, it’s time for him to Blackout.

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