Ricky Remedy Wastes No Time

Ricky Remedy, producer coming out of Miami had a great year. Releasing one of his last track of 2015 through Elysian Records. Premiering on Run The Trap, Bound starts out strong topping off a solid 300k plays on Soundcloud in its first couples weeks out. Following closely is a couple of collabs. Colossal, a wild released on ETC!ETC!‘s debut DIM MAK LP and a project with Malcom Anthony. Released on Buygore So Far, So Close heavy hip hop track that will get you up and moving.

Needless to say that was 2015 was good for Ricky, and that was just how he closed it. He took no time to make the first move of 2016. Right off the countdown Ricky uploaded this massive tune to Soundcloud. Startup 3 is a good energetic song to start off the year and not only that, its presented as a free download. So far so good but he adds to say a new album to be released this year. So there is no direction but up for this producer.

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