Stumbling over Kartell

After stumbling upon Kartell whilst satisfying a deep rooted crave for heavy metal I could only thank the Universe for this random occurrence. Listening to Pantera on soundcloud, the playlist shuffled and in an instant it switched from music expressing aggression outlet to expressive of love on the opposite spectrum. I can only refer to Kartell’s track Pantera; the name of which happens to also be the name of one of the greatest heavy metal groups of music history! I listened with an open mind and I was more than satisfied.

In an instant I found a remarkable new favorite electronic music artist, who happened to have recently release a new track for me to get excited about it. From RoscheMusique Saje releases Our Story an nostalgic and upbeat dance track. Simultaneously Kartell on the same label unleashes his version turning into a chill ambient future classic track. With a combined sound of Jack LNDN and Flume in one this artist from Paris, France will be making leaps and bounds in the music industry!

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