Artist of the Week: Brad Kemp Music

Brad Kemp recently dropped a half hour beat tape, LISTEN IN HEADPHONES, that made some rounds in the Chicago underground rap circuit. He has already been making some waves in a more mainstream market being 1/3 of Handsome Naked. They have appeared on NBC and have done some considerable numbers on the internet. Their album DOORS charted #2 on iTunes comedy albums charts!

You also might be familiar with Brad Kemp from his collaborations with Chore Boy in STORIES YOU CAN TELL YOURSELF, MISTAKEN FOR GRANTED, and EXORDIUM. He has also collaborated with a host of other Chicago names including CantBuyDeem, Vagabond Maurice, TomCat Trumpet, Glitter Money, MFNmelo of Pivot Gang, Femdot, and many more. Wilhelm Duke recently dropped a song produced by Brad Kemp called, RUN THE GAME, a soulful bombastic lyrical essay. Brad Kemp is also premiering new original instrumental production every other day on his YouTube channel. His consistency with putting out quality music and collaborating with a wide scope of peers is why he is deserving of Artist of the Week!

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