Kygo – Stay Ft. Maty Noyes

Kygo still moving on upward and performing piano tunes has released another beautiful production. Just fresh from the buzz off his latest remix Of Dirty Paws and single Here For You ft Ella Henderson, Kygo keeps the music flowing. This time collaborating with vocalist Maty Noyes, Stay is another vibrant tune about a lover unable to part ways, despite the circumstances. A tune that will surely sound good at Navy Pier when he returns to Chicago for a performance to warm up the weather. Check his facebook for tour dates near you!

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Kygo – Here For You & Dirty Paws

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Kygo has Stole The Show since Firestonereleased in 2014. Ranking number one in Norway according to the Norwegian Charts. Headlining in huge festivals like TomorrowWorld in Georgia and Findings in Norway. Song after song, he has us wanting more. In late July, sponsor by Über, he threw a surprise free pre-show in Chicago in honor of Lollapalooza . Fans were going crazy trying to access entry to this sold out show.

If you ever feel lonely, just know that Kygo has partnered up with British Vocalist, Ella Henderson and are here for you. His new single Here For You makes you feel nothing but encouraged. As if there was a hand on your shoulder, telling you that everything will be alright. Even if in your life, you keep chasing the wrong. A very supportive song for those who keep going for what is inconvenient. Just know they’re will always be someone there for you to catch you.

One of many Kygo’s talents is remixing a song and giving it The One and Only unique touch. The song that gave him more of a public recognition was I See Fire by Ed Sheeran. His more recent spin off is Dirty Paws by Of Monster and Men (OMAM), giving it more of tropical house. OMAM’s song is already very imaginative. Kygo did a great job giving it more of a delicate fairy tale like tempo.

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Kygo, The one and only


At the age of 22 Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll, otherwise known as Kygo, is already dominating the music scene with his one of a kind productions that has caught the attention of some reputable artists such as Coldplay, Diplo and Avicii. With what his fans dubbed tropical house music, Kygo has truly created music that can stand in on its own. Starting his musical journey at the age of 6 taking up the piano, it would not be for another 10 years of training till Kyrre would move onto his own compositions. But it wasn’t until he heard Avicii’s 2010 single ‘Seek Bromance‘ that inspired him to take on progressive house music and start producing tracks of his own. 

In an interview with Billboard Magazine, Kyrre explains the creative process in which he creates his masterful melodies. “I always play piano over the original track. I often stay sitting up all night” He continues “I get into a zone where I’m really in my own world when I make music”. This commitment to his music production is what launched Kygo to the top of the charts on both Billboards Uncharted, and Hype Machine No.1 Remixes

As Kyrre got progressively better in the studio, he noticed an unsettling pattern in mainstream electronic music. “All the songs sounded the same,” he exclaimed, “Suddenly, everything was about who had the most badass drop and I got really tired of that. I just wanted to make melodies. I started trying to do my own thing and let the melodies make the genre themselves”. This ambition is what set Kyrre apart from other music producers and this passion, unknowing to the Norgweign producer, is what will ultimately got the ball rolling to his inevitable success.

Kygo first showed his style through his remix of Let Her Go by the Passengers, and with overwhelming support from his fans and blogs, the song reach No. 1 on Hype Machine. Followed by 10 more successful remixes reaching No. 1. Finally it was his entry into LE7ELS’ “Miami 82” remix contest in February that got him some real attention. The label hit him up the next day to sign the track and before he knew it he is living every aspiring producers dream! 

In the following days Ultra Music Festival picked up his remixed and used it for the their offical promotional video for 2014, quickly putting Kygo in the spotlight in the electronic dance music industry. It did not take long for Diplo’s keen ears to hear Kyrres talent. He went on his facebook page, and “begged him” to make a mix on Diplo & Friends. Promoting his music as it is; sexy and “100% original”. That’s how Diplo likes it, and that’s how we at Evolved Music like it.

Afterwards even Pete Tong, the legendary british DJ and host of Radio 1, got word of this up and coming talent through Coldplays Chris Martin to get in touch with Gold Hare, Kygo’s management group. Exclusively revealed to Billboard, Kygo was commissioned to officially remix Coldplay’s latest single “Midnight” soon after.

“I only touched a DJ controller for the first time last year, but I’m getting better,” he says, laughing. “Most of my songs are really slow compared to ones other artists make, so it’s pretty difficult to find songs in between that I can use to increase the tempo”, he told Billboard. But from the sounds of his mix on Diplo & Friends it did not take him long to get used to it.

Now It seems like smooth sailing for Kygo as he is already taking on his own 9 city North American Tour with 4 venues already sold out. Now it is only a matter of time before Kygo becomes one of the more popular names in the electronic music scene with some original production in the works and “Midnight” to be released as I mentioned earlier. I am so excited to hear what else Kyrre has to offer to our ears. His music truly vibes with the soul and I definitely will be vibing on the dancefloor to his one of a kind productions when he hits up the Mid in my hometown Chicago! Keep up with Kygo on his soundcloud and facebook, you wouldn’t want to miss what he has coming up!