Deadmau5 Is Back At It

Joel Zimmerman is back on the cloud with new music to woo the fans with. A double dose of new mau5 production. Joel may dissapear for a while at a time musically with, getting blog famous off his tweets, but when he hits the studio he always comes out with quality production. Getting better every single time too. His last big project While(1<2) was released in June of 2014, last year. While it probably does not take Joel that long to perfect a masterpiece.

Joel goes in a different direction from (While (1<2), where as that project took more soundscape vibe in majority of the tunes, Imaginary Friends goes back to the roots of deadmau5 music. The harmonious intros and buildups to the down driving basslines and hypnotizing synths all reminiscent to earlier tracks in albums such as For Lack Of A Better Name and > album title goes here <. Imaginary Friends is reportedly a suggestion name by a fan in reference to Donnie Darko in which Joel responded that he would consider the name for the first track of his new album. So there is good news that that right that. More mau5 music.

More mau5 music which would probably include this next track ripped off of Deadmau5 Twitch streams by a fan. NVIDIA, a double dose of mau5 treats for the fans. This one is sure to hit the dance floors heavy as fans will go wild for the new sound. Classic, yet contemporary mau5. As the song switches back and fourth from heavy bass synths and elongated atmospheric buildups a quote somewhat references Imaginary Friends saying “I made a new friend. Real or imaginary?”.

I myself cannot wait to witness Deadmau5’s new and improved set in its full glory in Rosemont, Il this New Years Eve. Four trucks of production equipment, bring it on.

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Deadmau5 new album details

deadmau5-while-12-album-art-510Deadmau5‘s most anticipated album finally gets a title and a release date. This epic 25 track 2 disk LP we have all been waiting for gets yet another peculiar album title, keeping the trend going for peculiar album titles like 4×4=12 and >album title goes here<. While(1<2) is the name, and its meaning is simply a programming code command to indefinitely loop a track. It is no secret that Joel (deadmau5’s real name) is a computing genius. While the album was finished months ago in January as Joel announced on his Twitter account stating it is “something I’m proud of”, he recently revealed on his Live website that the official release date is this summer on the 17th of June digitally and physically a week later on the 24th.

Those words reminded and reassured his fellow fans on how immensely great this album will be. Although the album will not be released till next month, it will be available for pre-order on his Live website on the 20th of May. Those who pre-order will receive Avaritia, one of the tracks on the LP, as a preview. Those who do not, well, will just get a thirty second long teaser of the albums first single, which was originally released as part of deadmau5’s Seven Deadly Sins Soundcloud EP pack. Sign up to Deadmau5 Live to keep up with all his updates and do not forget to pre-order While(1<2) so you can be the first to hear one of the most anticipated electronic music albums of this year!

Check out the Avaritia preview below.