Woman Crush Wednesday: Jada Lott

An up and coming artist in Chicago on more than just one side of creativity. Jada Lott is a music artist and model making herself known in grand fashion. Combining the two arts that can make a live performance entertaining both visually and through audio. With a performance at Innjoy in Wicker Park it was evident, she has a lot up her sleeve!

Local Chicago music tycoon Moe Cyrus set up a Toy Drive consisting of a full lineup of talented female artists at Innjoy, Miller Lite even had to get in on it. Just around midnight on a Monday night Jada still has a room filled to see her perform. Creating a spectacle on stage with a backup choreographed dancer, turning a short performance into a memorable one! Filling the room with vocals of exclusive songs, her debut single PLUG featuring Syl Messi is set to be released shortly after the New Year, starting off 2020 on a high note!

Preview the track and follow links below.

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