Cofresi Brings Storyteller Remix To Life With Live Video

When you think of Haywyre you can already expect some abstract sounds with his creative style of dubstep and future bass. Then to have Cofresi come in to remix one of his tracks from his PANORAMA LP is a whole ‘nother level of greatness. What is interesting is Haywyre rocks the keyboards while Cofresi kicks it with percussive instruments and now, with Cofresi’s live performance video of Haywyres STORYTELLER, they both have live videos to compare! To see the two work it in their own style is something else and Cofresi brings in so much energy with his percussive rendition.

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Hiding From the Rain Remix Highlight: Solstis

Released a in April, Autolaser & PLS&TY produced Hiding From The Rain with MARØ on Trap Nation that quickly gained popularity. The combination of MARØ’s vocals and beat and synth patterns drove everyone wild. Trap Nation thought it is so good they said hey it could use a remix. In comes an 18 artist remix ep released in July featuring Chicago’s own Solstis amongst producers like WildeFire, Frankie Sanchez, Maliboux, NINE LIVES, Indiginous and KNAME. Stripping down HDTR, they add their own future bass ingredients, remake a more ambient intro over cinematic drumming that leads into a bass heavy drop. A great addition to their playlist as their tour in between festivals and shows. Do not miss out on this free download!

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Stumbling over Kartell

After stumbling upon Kartell whilst satisfying a deep rooted crave for heavy metal I could only thank the Universe for this random occurrence. Listening to Pantera on soundcloud, the playlist shuffled and in an instant it switched from music expressing aggression outlet to expressive of love on the opposite spectrum. I can only refer to Kartell’s track Pantera; the name of which happens to also be the name of one of the greatest heavy metal groups of music history! I listened with an open mind and I was more than satisfied.

In an instant I found a remarkable new favorite electronic music artist, who happened to have recently release a new track for me to get excited about it. From RoscheMusique Saje releases Our Story an nostalgic and upbeat dance track. Simultaneously Kartell on the same label unleashes his version turning into a chill ambient future classic track. With a combined sound of Jack LNDN and Flume in one this artist from Paris, France will be making leaps and bounds in the music industry!

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What So Not – Gemini EP

What So Not unleashes his long awaited Gemini EP onto the public. The dedicated fans got many previews of the EP’s tracks during live shows such as Arrow, a collaboration with Dillon Francis and Dawn Golden that sets the crowd into a absolute frenzy. I have experienced this frenzy myself during Flume‘s live set at Electric Forest; Madness. Most of the tracks of the EP feature an separate artist; much like his recent project with TKay Maidza, Baauer and George Maple. All five songs are hits whether they are energetic or ambient.

Starting off with a prelude to the Gemini single, it features Tunji Ige adding a rhythmic flow of lyrics and rhymes. Continuing to Gemini, leading off with female vocals this production includes George Maple who helped make this song an instant classic. Next two tracks take on more energetic rhythm with heavy bass. Flowing into Arrows follwed by Death Drive that starts with a distorted guitar riff. KLP on vocals leads the rest of the track into a high energy trap juke rhythm. To finish off the EP What So Not tones if down a bit with Oddity, a track you may or may not be familiar with. A wonderful future bass track with the the ambient build and theatrical drop that What So Not has made a trademark sound with. Best of all you can have this EP for free. Grab it below.

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Flume – Never Be Like You ft. Kai

Flume releases a beautiful melody ahead of his LP announcement. Most likely to be part of his forthcoming album, Never Be Like You is a beautiful harmonic track with Kai working vocals. See Harley thought he was sneaky and added the intro to this track into the outro of his Skin LP Preview Mix, but a good fan can identify a track with just a note! The cover art for this song also follows the flower theme with Skin LP preview so there is a good indication that you got your ears on the first single of his third studio album.

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Sjaaf Takes Flight

Photo Credit to Bob Gysen
Photo Credit to Bob Gysen

Meet your new favorite future bass artist. Sjaaf, straight out of Belgium, will sends chill down your spine with his productions. Coming out of the studio to announce new music and to gift a remix. His last pieces of work were originals, released a month apart and that is without mentioning his exclusive track with Redbull. Sjaaf is releasing bits of work to foreshadow an upcoming project as he updates his social media about staying cooped up in the studio creating new and different sounds.

Pushing his boundaries as an artists this is the kind of work that comes out. Mind bending music that hits the soul. Sjaaf is an excellent beat smith and works around synthesizers quite well. He also has a good eye for artists for his covers. A true artist inspired by creation. Ever song gets full effort as it seems, his latest would be his best yet. I would be a few months since the release of Twigs and Flurs but a wait well rewarded.

His latest project takes Machinedrum‘s track Take Flight, an energetic bass track and slows it down to head bumping hip hop beats and heavy bass. Making a breathtaking intro into a percussive and chopped vocal build to a drop that pumps some adrenaline into your system. A master combination of sounds to create this soul releasing tune! Best of all Sjaaf gifts this remix to you for free with the announcement of a new EP in the works. All those tracks released little by little, all that time in the studio concludes with an EP we cannot wait to hear.

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New Flume – Skin LP Preview

The Australian future classic hit maker Harley Streten, also known as Flume is back again! Last time he came around he gave us the original future classic track with Andrew Wyatt, Some Minds accompanied by a beautiful music video of the Sydney Opera House and Harley turning into a noodle. Following that beat is the energetic and breath taking make over of Collarbones track, Turning. Fans were lucky enough to have a live experience recorded, at the very venue same venu as in Some Minds music video, to watch over and over.

As Harley was seemingly occupied instagraming his latest crave for adventure through some random city he gigs in. Or touring around the world. Or both at once, enjoying a nice walk through Electric Forest Playground, tweeting his enjoyment, before and after his set time. Flume was at work in the studio. Of course, he has to have new material to tease the crowd with am I right, Harley? I heard some new new on that stage in Rothbury, Michigan, quit holding out on us!

But nonetheless the day has arrived, Flume has emerged from the studio smoke behind him with release of a mini-mix. Not just any mini-mix; A preview of his third studio album. Ladies and gentlemen, Skin LP. Get excited, this got new sounds, new vibes and a beautiful sprouting snapdragon These 4:36 seconds pack a punch. The new album is only nearly complete and the excitement is high. Let the music speak for itself!

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Tkay Maidza Teams Up With What So Not, Baauer and George Maple

Tkay Maidza releases a new track after a short silence following her release of MOB. Paired with an eerie yet creative music video, this project unites some serious talent in music production. Ghost is a future classic trap beat track brought to you by Baauer, What So Not and George Maple. The airy synths, heavy beats and ghostly effects is a raw track and with Tkay’s steadfast vocals, this should satisfy fans for another good season till the cravings kick in.

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Daktyl Collabs And Remixes Nothing But Hits

Premiering on Nest HQ, hub known for free releases and soul inspiring music started by Skrillex in 2014. Time makes its way to Daktyl and Madeaux to release a collab on the Nest HQ platform. Originally starting as a “post R&B Ballad” by Madeaux, it went through a metamorphosis as vocalist Anais Aida would put it. Adding hip hop beats and  synth breaks the end result was nothing short of a masterpiece.

Reworking an old track with Madeaux, can show you that Daktyl can take any track and transform it with new live. He did so with Metaphysical by Chicago based house producers Autograf. Taking the uptempo dance tune and transforming into a vibrant future classic beat. No different effort with Shanay‘s piece Time. He took the soulful R&B hit and added some hip hop energy and rhythm with sould vibrant synths over Shanay’s chopped up vocals. Embarking on tours for November after hitting up gigs at nightclubs, Daktyl is staying busy, keep up and do not miss out; this artist is going to be making some real noise, be the first to hear it.

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Hermitude Has New Tunes & A Bunch of Nominations

Hermitude is set to make an appearance  at the Australian Aria Awards on the 26th of November. They duo has gathered up 7 nominations in their country in the areas “Best Album of the Year” “Best Australian Live Act” “Best GroupBest Producer” to name a few! I have had the joy to be able to experience Hermitude live and I have a good feeling they will get that Australian Live Act. The energy they brought to Toyota Park for Freaky Deaky Chicago 2015 was just incredible.

Aside from that news Hermitude presents you fans with new music as well! Xan Young on the vocals for their most recent track. The collab creates a beautiful future classic tune for a chill day. Right after releasing a heavy hitter for fellow Australian producer Alison Wonderland and their latest album Dark Night Sweet Light.  Go back and forth between moods with the two tracks.

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