Sjaaf Takes Flight

Photo Credit to Bob Gysen
Photo Credit to Bob Gysen

Meet your new favorite future bass artist. Sjaaf, straight out of Belgium, will sends chill down your spine with his productions. Coming out of the studio to announce new music and to gift a remix. His last pieces of work were originals, released a month apart and that is without mentioning his exclusive track with Redbull. Sjaaf is releasing bits of work to foreshadow an upcoming project as he updates his social media about staying cooped up in the studio creating new and different sounds.

Pushing his boundaries as an artists this is the kind of work that comes out. Mind bending music that hits the soul. Sjaaf is an excellent beat smith and works around synthesizers quite well. He also has a good eye for artists for his covers. A true artist inspired by creation. Ever song gets full effort as it seems, his latest would be his best yet. I would be a few months since the release of Twigs and Flurs but a wait well rewarded.

His latest project takes Machinedrum‘s track Take Flight, an energetic bass track and slows it down to head bumping hip hop beats and heavy bass. Making a breathtaking intro into a percussive and chopped vocal build to a drop that pumps some adrenaline into your system. A master combination of sounds to create this soul releasing tune! Best of all Sjaaf gifts this remix to you for free with the announcement of a new EP in the works. All those tracks released little by little, all that time in the studio concludes with an EP we cannot wait to hear.

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