New Flume – Skin LP Preview

The Australian future classic hit maker Harley Streten, also known as Flume is back again! Last time he came around he gave us the original future classic track with Andrew Wyatt, Some Minds accompanied by a beautiful music video of the Sydney Opera House and Harley turning into a noodle. Following that beat is the energetic and breath taking make over of Collarbones track, Turning. Fans were lucky enough to have a live experience recorded, at the very venue same venu as in Some Minds music video, to watch over and over.

As Harley was seemingly occupied instagraming his latest crave for adventure through some random city he gigs in. Or touring around the world. Or both at once, enjoying a nice walk through Electric Forest Playground, tweeting his enjoyment, before and after his set time. Flume was at work in the studio. Of course, he has to have new material to tease the crowd with am I right, Harley? I heard some new new on that stage in Rothbury, Michigan, quit holding out on us!

But nonetheless the day has arrived, Flume has emerged from the studio smoke behind him with release of a mini-mix. Not just any mini-mix; A preview of his third studio album. Ladies and gentlemen, Skin LP. Get excited, this got new sounds, new vibes and a beautiful sprouting snapdragon These 4:36 seconds pack a punch. The new album is only nearly complete and the excitement is high. Let the music speak for itself!

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