Inspiring Artist: Dani Deahl Dominates Trap Music and Gender Equality

Dani Deahls name is back flowing out of our mouths again and we are not the only ones. We mentioned her not too long ago on her new releases but that is not the only thing catching everyone’s attention! As she continues to dominate Chicago‘s trap scene more and more people are beginning to question her role and stand point in the music industry as a female artist. Being a stand up gal, she has the answers.

Through multiple interviews with various publications, the DJ List MTV, Digital DJ Pool & More, Dani has been spreading awareness of gender inequality in the music industry. But she is not just talking about it, she is actively playing a role in a community working together to solve this problem. Being a successful electronic music producer and DJ with a ton of connections and female figures in her own pool of musically talented friends she has the means to do just this.

Photo credit to Da Black Swan

What is seemingly a funny inside joke among friends at first glance has much bigger significance. According to Dani in her own words “The nap pose is just visual cues to let the world know that we identify with a cause.” Started by Liz Garard, who majored in women’s studies in Vanderbuilt, #NapGirls is turning into a phenomenon, a movement bringing women together, sharing advice and opportunities with each other in the music industry so every one has an equal chance at success. Narrowing that gap between men and women having roles contributing to live performing, events, media; any and all positions in the industry.

Furthering the spot light on the cause, Dani was invited to her first public speech appearance to speak on behalf of female music artists about the issues regarding gender inequality on the TEDx platform. Confidently taking charge of the stage, Dani identifies herself as an equalist with a do it yourself attitude. She encourages this mentality in females in any aspect to break free from gender barriers, to make it normal to think they can succeed in anything they set their mind to. Coming from a gender neutral house hold growing up, she never thought about these differences, giving her the confidence to take any opportunity with no hesitation.

Being a perfect role model, she practices what she preaches, taking life into her own hands, not letting these obstacles like sexism trump her ambition. Independently with the help of a crew and no agency she embarked on a tour named after her single Show Me Your Kitties or SMYK. By herself she garnered the support from artists like Diplo, Tiesto, MAKJ, Velentino Khan to name a few. Her most recent trap anthem goes by the name of Cha Ching, premiering on Trap Style as a free download it has already gotten the support of HeroBust, GoshFather & JINCO. A tune filled with heavy percussion and horns flavored with rhythmic sounds its no wonder shes on top of her game.

Just reaching their 50,000th Youtube subscribers, Twerk Nation had released a Best Of Twerk Music Volume. They reached out to Mrs. Deahl to be the first to start out the series. Thirty minutes of the best 100 bpm has to offer she starts it off with her aforementioned hit Cha Ching. Whether it be for her success and talent in the trap music genre or for her support on gender equality every one is asking for Dani, all of this possible for her by being a dedicated artist. You know if she can do it you can too.

And of course you cannot be a fan  without knowing her passion and love for felines. She has had a hand in working with Big Cat Rescue. It is a non profit organization that helps rescue and raise any kind of cats, domestic house cats to lions. So not only does she dominate trap music and work towards gender equality she is saving some paws on the ground too. Dani is truly a force to be reckoned with, putting hard work to any idea she puts forth.

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