Autograf Transform With Love & Retrograde

What is love without the pain? Some will believe you cannot have the good with out the bad. For Autograf the good & the bad is what Love & Retrograde comprises of; the highs and their lows of their last couple of years. You can even hear it literally as you go through dark low bass lines and high end synths and vocals between songs.

Starting the EP off with Test the Waters, a down tempo beat setting a heavy tone. In between these hypnotic instrumental breaks echoes, “Go out and Test the Waters the tide will drag you deeper than you know“, like a test of will of some kind. What will come of this darkness and confusion? The EP then jumps into Retrograde, tunneling through minimal bass sounds, giving some life with these bassline grooves, a strong positive transformation!

Getting your energy ready the Casual Love, this track breathes life into Love & Retrograde, a hopeful sound to bounce around to and chant along with. “I’m looking for people of a like mind… I’m looking for love of a casual kind“; another house anthem for Autograf. They Then get funky with Hold Me Back, giving the right attitude for living singing, “the corners no place for me babe“. Turning this EP on its head from dark to energetic sounds with strong notes, Love & Retrograde really paints a story from start to finish.

Letting their fans know it represents growth for them musically and personally, paying close attention you can hear and feel that in this EP. From the dark, minimal sounds and the doubtful lyrics in the beginning with, to vivacious house beats and groovy tunes with strong affirmations. Autograf ends it strong with Night Drive, a mix of high vibes and low techno basslines. Love & Retrograde is the perfect title for the project for what it represents.

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Sleepless with Autograf

Wild schedule so far up till now for Autograf, I wonder if they for saw all this in their Future SauceSo much to happen in a years time; Originals have been released, remixed and played on stage for fans to hear. A remix project just last month saw PLS&TY, James Carter and TELYkast , Gianna Kosta and Mynga take on their Simple. Cant forget fellow local Cofresi‘s remix of Nobody Knows either. Autograf has a good arsenal for a the many shows and festivals they have been apart of, over 100 just this year! When do they sleep? Remaking other artists work as well the Chicagoan’s are showing no signs of stopping, already working on a remix for Halsey ahead of their single release Sleepless in NYC. Post Malone got the deep house treatment just last month following their Lukas Graham remake. Dealing with two differnt styles here Autograf makes it their own like second nature and comes back with an original piece, with their signature ambient synths and hypnotizing vocals.

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Autograf – Future Sauce

Pulling all-nighters getting ready for tour, time to hit the road with Goldroom!✌️󾟦Tix: AutografGoldroom.com09.30 | Nashville – Basement East10.01 | Atlanta – Aisle 510.04 | Portland ME – Port City Hall10.05 | Boston – Royale10.06 | Philadelphia – The TLA10.07 | New York – Terminal 510.08 | Washington DC – A.I.10.12 | Montreal – Fairmount10.13 | Toronto – Mod Club10.14 | Columbus – Park St Saloon10.15 | Detroit – Majestic Theatre10.16 | Chicago – Concord10.19 | Madison WI – Liquid10.20 | Omaha – Slowdown10.21 | Denver – Cervantes Masterpiece10.22 | Boulder – Boulder Theater10.25 | Kansas City – Riot Room10.26 | St. Louis – Firebird10.27 | Oklahoma City – OKC Farmers Mkt10.28 | Austin – Vulcan Gas Co10.29 | Houston – Something Wicked10.31 | Albuquerque – El Rey11.02 | San Diego – The Observatory11.03 | Los Angeles – The Novo11.04 | Oakland – Fox Theater11.05 | Arcata – Arcata Theatre11.09 | Eugene – HiFi Music Hall11.10 | Portland OR – Wonder Ballroom11.11 | Vancouver – Imperial11.12 | Seattle – Neptune󾓯: @elvin.y

Posted by Autograf on Thursday, September 29, 2016

As Autograf sets off on their latest tour with Goldroom after much preparation from their visual setup to their setlist, they continue documenting themselves on their touring experience. To top off the start of their tour they grab straight from their playlist Future Sauce, releasing this ingredient from the tour for their audience at home to enjoy. This Sauce put you on a balance of ambient and night bass vibes with a harmonious piano prelude and a heavy bassline to top it off. A turn from their previous track Don’t Worry, adding variety and energy to their playlist.

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Don’t Worry & Listen to Autograf

With beautiful melody on strings and synths to begin, Autograf‘s latest song brings in a feeling of thoughtless bliss. Not a care in the world as the Violins chime in and and make you feel weightless. All the while a voice utters Don’t Worry and you listen naturally. A beautiful feel good track, a breath of fresh air in between all the heavy hitting beats and stress of everyday activities. Take a moment and hear this tune offered to you for free!

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Autograf Remixes Seafret’s Wildfire

Straight from the UK Seafret is a duo coming upon the release of their Debut Album Tell Me Its Real. Working with live music and acoustics, guitar, piano and vocals to name a few the two produced a successful EP, Oceans in 2015, accompanied with thought provoking music videos. This LP release is expecting to generate some real attention. Gaining upwards of 4 million plus views on a single song, Seafret definitely got some talent on their hands, and they can spot it too.

Being Released on Discobelle Records Autograf remixes Seafrets upcoming LP single Wildfire giving the track an addictive bass line and bouncy synths. Getting some praise from the original artists themselves. This trio is quite remarkable on production value, every track of theirs is proving to be a hit and they continuously get better. From originals to remixes, from their hit single Metaphysical to their most recent take on the Temptations, these artists creative talent is nonstop like their home, the Windy City Chicago.

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Autograf remixes the Temptations

Autograf, a Chicago based house group consisting of Mikul Wing, Louis Kha and Jake Carpenter got well known for their track Metaphysical with Janelle Kroll. These guys are also very well known for their remixes, from their take on legendary house artist Faithless to reworking Odesza’s tracks. The trio seem to like taking on high profile artists, even remixing the classic Stevie Wonder. Their most recent project takes on the Oldies icons, the Temptations. Aint Too Proud to Beg is transformed from a Motown Funk jam to the ambient Deep House Dance track Proud. This bassline has such addicting grooves the trio did the classic track some justice and gives it new energy.

Grab the free download on Autograf soundcloud linked below.

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Daktyl Collabs And Remixes Nothing But Hits

Premiering on Nest HQ, hub known for free releases and soul inspiring music started by Skrillex in 2014. Time makes its way to Daktyl and Madeaux to release a collab on the Nest HQ platform. Originally starting as a “post R&B Ballad” by Madeaux, it went through a metamorphosis as vocalist Anais Aida would put it. Adding hip hop beats and  synth breaks the end result was nothing short of a masterpiece.

Reworking an old track with Madeaux, can show you that Daktyl can take any track and transform it with new live. He did so with Metaphysical by Chicago based house producers Autograf. Taking the uptempo dance tune and transforming into a vibrant future classic beat. No different effort with Shanay‘s piece Time. He took the soulful R&B hit and added some hip hop energy and rhythm with sould vibrant synths over Shanay’s chopped up vocals. Embarking on tours for November after hitting up gigs at nightclubs, Daktyl is staying busy, keep up and do not miss out; this artist is going to be making some real noise, be the first to hear it.

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