Taiki Nulight

taiki nulight

Taiki Nulight, a stone cold player of the night bass community otherwise known as Erka Chinbayer, is on a streak releasing a slew of originals, remixes and collaborations. This bloke from London seems to always be busy releasing music. In fact he has new releases and mixes every month almost so you do not have to wait long to get some jackin music out of him. Some got to wonder where all this creativity is coming from. Taiki must have music flowing through his veins.

Taiki’s most recent work comes out of Dim Mak Records. His first original work on this label as well, is a real dark track. Just like its name Into The Darkness, this track contains dark grooves and deep basslines with echoing vocals. A pretty chill bass track but will keep you in a good vibe on the dance floor. Taiki has some more energetic tracks up his sleeve though.

Aside from his original releases Taiki has been making some top of the line garage house tracks with some top of the line artists. Making some excellent connections through his talented productions, Taiki has had the opportunity to meet up and collab with artists like My Nu Leng and Night Bass master AC Slater. All together the artists have been able to produce some of the best four to the floor deep garage house sounds. Not even to the fullest extent of Taiki’s talents.

Not only working on collaborations and originals from scratch Taiki has been able to rework some other artists, not only his own, sounds. Focusing his creative prowess towards Jamie George and Cause and Affects track Another Time, Taiki gives it some new life. From a light deep house track, Erka adds some echoing basslines and chopped of vocals from the original to give the dancefloor some great garage house vibes to dance too.

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