Nando Goes Against The Grain

Before anyone gets to who they are as a person or artist they must go through a transformation. It may be uncomfortable or even painful and other times you encounter no resistance at all. What that maybe for Nando in his latest work AGAINST THE GRAIN is up for discussion! In this 10 piece project Nando goes through some what of a transformation from start to finish. With the help of Little Lion, Kaneo Blak and Syl Messi, Nando gets his word out.

Starting off meloncholic in with SCARS and DISGUISE, Nando expresses grieve, discomfort and a need for change. He appears doubtful and confused, but he lets his mind free with ROSES and in THORNS he finds focus with his growth. It will ultimately be his growth to be known not his struggles, “they never see the thorns, because they just start at the rose“. Nando continues to carry himself confidently more and more as you move to the next track; he even gets bilingual speaking in Spanish tongue. Getting more smoother, quick witted and self aware as he goes one can assume that is where next releases will lead to; so add Nando to your playlist and follow!

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