Phina, A Young Chi City Vocalist

Image credit to Ian Ewing & Phina

Recommended by a friend Phina from Chicago has found her way to my ears and onto the Chicagos Finest playlist. Little to be known for now about the singer songwriter from the Chi other than her unique vocal expression. Only a couple original songs exist on her soundcloud at this moment, but over a months time we received two graceful songs.

Ian Ewing, a popular Milwaukee born producer has been chosen for the first soundcloud release Adams Ale, a very relaxing tune about a man and a woman it seems, without getting deep into it. Her most recent track is produced by Chicago Local Skoozy who is more sided with Hip Hop beats. At first an instrumental, the track formed into the final vocal project we know as Mr. I’m Too Cool. The melancholic atmosphere allows of these tracks allow a connection between listener and artist. Very chill sound to vibe to with. Interested to hear what Phina has in store for Chicago.

Phina | Soundcloud

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