Tchami unleashes the After Life EP

Coming out of Tchami‘s self proclaimed label Confession. Tchami did a great job building the hype on this EP, releasing key tracks to fans to get them just the right time, leaving them wanting more. Earliest releases of which were the uplifting After Life with Stacy Barthe on vocals followed by Missing You with AC Slater and Kaleem Taylor. With the premier on Spin magazine the EP was finally recognized in its fully glory.

Unveiling three more tracks, Tchami put a lot of creative effort and artist collaboration with on this project! Working with Dombresky on Freakin and on his closing track Alone Tchami hooked up with Chuck Ellis and producer Illangelo who is known to work with Weeknd, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J and other notable artists. A lot of talent packed into a 5-track EP. Of course we cannot forget about Superlativ, packed with nasty basslines, chopped vocals and piano chord breaks. A combination of deep house and garage dubbed future house, a genre most people accompany with Tchami; He is maaking some real noise in the industry with this release.

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Tchami teases After Life EP


Being released off his own label Confession, Tchami teases his upcoming EP After Life. Teaming up with the Night Bass master AC Slater and vocalist Kaleem Taylor they create an energetic track that will really get the dance floor goin.  Missing You is the second song released off his upcoming EP. Starting with Kaleems vocals over airy synths into heavy and bouncy bass and chopped up vocals, they really got creative on this one. The quality Tchami track we were waiting for since he released After Life EP single featuring Stacy Bathe few months back. Though the EP may take a while, us fans will wait happily with this continuous flow of releases like his remix of Timeless by Caroline Koch and this gem. Check it out below.

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Taiki Nulight

taiki nulight

Taiki Nulight, a stone cold player of the night bass community otherwise known as Erka Chinbayer, is on a streak releasing a slew of originals, remixes and collaborations. This bloke from London seems to always be busy releasing music. In fact he has new releases and mixes every month almost so you do not have to wait long to get some jackin music out of him. Some got to wonder where all this creativity is coming from. Taiki must have music flowing through his veins.

Taiki’s most recent work comes out of Dim Mak Records. His first original work on this label as well, is a real dark track. Just like its name Into The Darkness, this track contains dark grooves and deep basslines with echoing vocals. A pretty chill bass track but will keep you in a good vibe on the dance floor. Taiki has some more energetic tracks up his sleeve though.

Aside from his original releases Taiki has been making some top of the line garage house tracks with some top of the line artists. Making some excellent connections through his talented productions, Taiki has had the opportunity to meet up and collab with artists like My Nu Leng and Night Bass master AC Slater. All together the artists have been able to produce some of the best four to the floor deep garage house sounds. Not even to the fullest extent of Taiki’s talents.

Not only working on collaborations and originals from scratch Taiki has been able to rework some other artists, not only his own, sounds. Focusing his creative prowess towards Jamie George and Cause and Affects track Another Time, Taiki gives it some new life. From a light deep house track, Erka adds some echoing basslines and chopped of vocals from the original to give the dancefloor some great garage house vibes to dance too.

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AC Slater – Fifty K [Free Download]


The master of night bass, AC Slater, drops some heavy bassline music onto his soundcloud. Fifty K is a really heavy track that AC has been playing over the summer on tours, and now this secret weapon is free for you to have to spice up your sets. Starting off with a nice hook you would expect to hear in trap and hip hop quickly turns into a wicked dance beat with a deep bassline filled with snare triplets to keep a trap & bass vibe going strong.

Download Fifty K below and be sure to follow AC Slater on soundcloud.

Skrillex launches Free-Release Label with AC Slater’s Back To The Floor EP


Skrillex seems to never miss headlines this past year so far, expanding his music empire and reaching out to fans persistantly. With his recent album release “Recess”, in which he collabed with artists Diplo, Kill The Noise, Chance The Rapper, Ragga Twins, Alvin Risk, etc. and headlining Coachella and possibly Lollapalooza, Skrillex isn’t showing any signs of stopping with yet another label (aside from OWSLANest under Nest HQ. 

“The concept of Nest HQ is simple really. It is a transparent vantage point into this culture that we all share and have created together” it reads on their website. “Its origins began with a global network of like-minded people who love to share their passions for music and art. Nest HQ is a window into this culture…” and it certainly is with AC Slater debuting this exclusively free-to-download label Nest with his 5-song EP “Back to the Floor”.

This whole EP will leave you in a groove you haven’t felt before, with some addictive basslines and raw synths, each song will have you like WHOA… In another state of mind. If you listen to the whole thing you’ll know what I mean. It would seem that AC has achieved his intentions stating in an interview on Nest HQ, “I want to focus more on the music and how it makes the individual feel. Everyone having their own experience and vibing out in the club rather than watching someone tell them what to do. It’s okay to zone out and get lost in the music.” That it is and with this idea behind his ep, these tracks would definitely attract a more intimate vibe on the dance floor.

It’s refreshing to see artists like AC Slater releasing tracks with their own style and originality. Bringing the crowd back to more vibin music, beats you can breathe and really dance too, inspiring a whole new crowd of music lovers to be more creative!

With all that being said! Check out the AC Slater’s Back to the floor ep below and as promised by Nest, it’s a free download.