Pero Lyke 5heriff’s Musically Gifted

pero lyke

Only 5heriff has the creative ingenuity to come with a beat as such. Merging two cultures together, Latin American and hip hop and trap beats from Chicago, Pero (Lyke) gives you a tough decision between bailando and kickin back. The energy is surreal, mostly because there are not a lot of beats available in this fashion. Talk about thinking outside the box. Cannot identify the Spanish sampling because of my ignorance on the genre but in any case this track is one to repeat.

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5heriff x CEO Beatz – Lighthouse

Two Chi-town local producers & long time friends 5heriff & CEO Beatz get back together to produce another instrumental beat. They worked together not too long ago on a different track they named D I S N E Y.  The two artists area always working on new projects whether it be collaborating with artists or producing and selling beats. CEO recently worked with on track with Ever Evolved artist Machobeatz that has been featured on Macho’s album DOVGH NVTS This time Lighthouse is in the spotlight taking on a more chilled vibe over a hip hop beat and guitar and string melody.

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5heriff X CEO Beatz

5heriff CEO

Chicago hip hop producers 5HERiFF and CEO Beatz came out of the wood work to make a track D I S N E Y together. The two individually have quite the impressive collection of music. 5HERiFF starting to play with sounds and music at a relatively young age and has become very skilled at intricate beat work and harmonizing over time. CEO also a long time producer gets more in depth with every track he makes. Both great credits to the hip hop and trap music genres making real vibin tunes like this one here.

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