GreediPhresh Speaks Effortlessly On Latest EP

Carries himself with confidence you can sense his composure through his voice. He backs it up with powerful lyrics and a team of talented artists. Keeping true to his word, “I don’t no one to put me on, I got my brothers I am not alone” with Martell DB, Jazmyne Fountain, Kid J and Sonny Trill on the bill he got an army of wordsmiths. This 32 bit: Gangly Medium sees Greediphresh more comfortable and deeper in his zone, expressing a more bragadocious and witty attitude.

His first two of the five track EP, Level Up and Fly Away with Martell and Sonny, come off vainglorious as they explain seizing the fruits of their labor. Following Martell’s verse Greedi seals Level Up with “Audience expanding, pockets are expanding, I’m gon’ buy another wallet that’s elastic… I done turnt this from a hobby to an asset“. Bridging into Fly Away, they go from enjoying promiscuous women to lavish living and packed shows, flashy jewels cars n clothes. All without stuttering, speakin clear, Greedi’s energy really embodies the verses he is expressing and he is complimented by Martell DB & Sonny Trill and raw beats perfectly.

Judas and Effortless with Kid J and Jazmyne Fountain takes the 32 Bit on a whole different vibe as Greedi looks into deeper perspectives on himself, life and love. “Been creative for focus, dedication to my craft I’m like a capsule of motives, ridding the public of disbelief“, from Judas he continues, “I make them all hopeful, I understand that with this plan, certain friends have been chosen.” He clearly holds an understanding of the discipline n sacrifice it takes for the success he asked for and the level of honesty required he expresses in the next song Effortless. Love is a challenging concept, only the strong survive and the communication observed between the two artists is all you need to hear on this beat.

Closing it out with Flower, it exudes gratitude and god like confidence. Balancing being humble and grandiloquence, he covers a lot of areas in just few tracks. You can find a lot of wisdom in each track like, “I aint in a place to judge nobody else, i don’t really know nobody else. I know my make and i know myself… Quit lookin for a plug and plug yo’self“; from Flowers main hook. A strong following from his previous project 64 Bit: Hard Times, which uncovers even more of Greedi’s lifestyle and ideas in raw manner. With such a phresh style, you should be looking foward, like us, to more of what he has to uncover.

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