Säge, The 64th Wonder Passing Time With Seismic Boog

Reminding us that he is a formidable contender of hip hop and he can just brush it off while others bust a sweat. Säge, The 64th Wonder, visual artist and hip hop emcee, comes back with more new tunes. Serving up lyrical quakes with consistence, SEISMIC BOOG (freeverse) is his most recent to pass the time with! Picking up on his activity as he prepares to release his album NO SAD SHIT, JUST RAPS, following up from teasing some singles from the project.

Calling out you, me, and the whole room out from the start on SEISMIC BOOG (freeverse)Okay you say that you are next, so why are you distressed? I guess I called your bluff, cause every thing I’ve heard is just…” Such a bold tongue, you would think Seji has 20,000 ANGELS over him. Released on the 1st of February, 20,000 ANGELS is the second single from his new LP, following NAHGATO. Dropping lyrics like, “Im best at morphine words, ya’ll can’t contest, I told them oncee that i was the dude, ya’ll thought I’d slow up, but my blow up’s on the horizon.” He really is done from taking “a break just to clear the lane.”

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