Probcause Adds His Finishing Touch to Native Son

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Like the man said himself, if he’s not making animations of Raekwon, or even working on creative art in general he is making music with him. As part of a remix EP, Probcause met up with Gramatik, Raekwon & Orlando Napier to add a verse to the lowtemp beat Native Son. Over the guitar solo and piano chords progressions Raekwon makes his presence known as Orlando keeps song connected. Prob deals his words without breaking the song flow. The quality of the track is sustained with the live music aspect.

Lowtemp artists are all gifted with the talent and motivation to play live instruments or midi controllers. Prob is no stranger to live audio as well which can possibly be one of the reasons he is welcomed in the label. Any Probcause show you attend you will see multiple collabs and live work on stage. Cofresi usually is behind the drum set and you can expect to see artists like Donnie Trumpet, Hologram Kizzie, KSRA and other Chicago Artists depending on his set. This next month in February you can catch Prob touring with Lettuce, another live act that produced a song with Chicago’s own Manic Focus, in the West Coast with more tour dates soon to be announced!

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Taylor Bennett Debut LP Broad Shoulders

With the title of Chance the Rapper‘s little brother, Taylor Bennett may have some shoes to fill in the eyes of the public but he most certainly makes the cut and then some. Premiering on Rolling Stones his debut album makes some noise following his successful mixtape Mainstream Music, Taylor establishes himself as an independent artist with Broad Shoulders. With the help of LudLow on production they created an album ranging in sounds and genres. Another key in making this album successful is the collaborating on a few songs with artists from Chicago like Donnie Trumpet, Joey Purp, King Louie and of course his brother Chance as well as other artists outside our area code. Plenty of potential in this 19 year old artist and plenty more music to come, this is only the beginning. Keep an ear out for Taylor Bennett.

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5heriff x CEO Beatz – Lighthouse

Two Chi-town local producers & long time friends 5heriff & CEO Beatz get back together to produce another instrumental beat. They worked together not too long ago on a different track they named D I S N E Y.  The two artists area always working on new projects whether it be collaborating with artists or producing and selling beats. CEO recently worked with on track with Ever Evolved artist Machobeatz that has been featured on Macho’s album DOVGH NVTS This time Lighthouse is in the spotlight taking on a more chilled vibe over a hip hop beat and guitar and string melody.

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Donnie Trumpet is filled with Soul

Donnie Trumpet gets real soulful in his most recent remixes with a few Chicago artists. Being a musician from Chicago himself he networks and works with quite a few popular faces in the music industry here like Towkio, Chance the Rapper, Probcause and even more talent outside local city limits.

From the Social Experiment Nate Fox joins in a remix of Lianne La Havas‘s Green & Gold, turning the playful pop hit into a soulful R&B beat as Donnie echoes in the back with his trumpet. This production is real easy on the ears and soul you cannot help but wiggle around a bit. On another track Donnie collaborates with Shay Lewis and Brandon Fox on Taylor Bennett‘s original track Dancing In the Rain on his debut album premiering on Rolling Stones. Alot of talent packed into one soulful tune. Would be a pleasure to experience live.

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Manic Focus Is So In His Zone

From the city of Chi, Manic Focus pumps out yet another original tune.  But not before hitting up Break Science to collab and give their fans another treat as Manic Science. Sandy Speaks is a chill vibe track that will encourage and motivate you from the start with a message of self empowerment. Wavy synths, catchy beat patterns and heavy bass and chopped vocals delicately carry throught the rest of the track.

Manic Focus consistently releases some of the most funky electronic beats coming out of Chicago. Proving he got some real funky swag with Lettuce from New York on their collab track dubbed Funky Style. His most recent release Sowing My Zone, Manic has some adds some hip hop style influence accompanied with melodic synths and vocals repeatin I’m so in my zone. You can guess Manic was just that in the making of this track. In that state of mind like that the man is unstoppable. Play this on a good day to get your mind right, its a free download.

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Chicago’s Hit Machine: Monte Booker

Monte Booker, coming out of Chicago, celebrated recently over a million overall plays on Soundcloud with over 18K followers. Thanking his fans and supporters with New Chapter. A track with a beautiful synth and woodwind intro building into glitchy sound effects and beat patterns. A smooth track to vibe to, with a title that keeps you looking forward.

Monte is making a lot of noise with his style of future bass and hip hop production. Collaborating with popular artists from Chicago, gaining some notable attention. Most recently got a feature on Pitchfork, a highly reputable music medium, with a collaborative project with Ravyn Lenae called Baby. The track itself was part of a larger project on Soulection; the 16th installment of White Label, an EP influenced by jazz and flying lotus. The project includes 2 more original tracks and another collaborative effort with Smino. Monte Booker also had the opportunity to produce Smino’s five track EP BLK Juptr.

All that done within the last couple months only. Monte releases another collab project in that time span. Being busy recording with another Chi-town artist Jay2AintShit. Contrary to his name Jay has some energetic vocals that empower Monte’s intricate beat work. The two flow well together in their finished project Gina. By himself Monte is a force, keep an ear open for his music this year.

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DREVM Gets Spaced with Outlit and Cherry Eye

Drevm, with the help of Outlit and Cherry Eye, has released a first original for his Soundcloud account. The trap artist has mainly been focusing on collaborative remixes up until now thought he has a couple other remixes premiering on other blog networks. There is something about Spaced that gets you hooked. This dark and heavy percussive trap tune has a beat and pattern that is just addicting.

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Ricky Remedy Wastes No Time

Ricky Remedy, producer coming out of Miami had a great year. Releasing one of his last track of 2015 through Elysian Records. Premiering on Run The Trap, Bound starts out strong topping off a solid 300k plays on Soundcloud in its first couples weeks out. Following closely is a couple of collabs. Colossal, a wild released on ETC!ETC!‘s debut DIM MAK LP and a project with Malcom Anthony. Released on Buygore So Far, So Close heavy hip hop track that will get you up and moving.

Needless to say that was 2015 was good for Ricky, and that was just how he closed it. He took no time to make the first move of 2016. Right off the countdown Ricky uploaded this massive tune to Soundcloud. Startup 3 is a good energetic song to start off the year and not only that, its presented as a free download. So far so good but he adds to say a new album to be released this year. So there is no direction but up for this producer.

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Chime For Change: The Sound Of Change Live Concert In Twickenham

Everyone knows who Madonna is right? Sure you do! If not she is an Pop singer,songwriter, dancer,actress, fashion icon, innovator, business woman, culture shocker and last but not least  a mother of four. Madonna’s career surfaced in 1982 with her debut single “Everybody”  that was a hit in the New York dance Club scene. It shot up to #3 on the Billboard dance charts, after that nothing was ever the same. An ICON was born. Madonna is 58 years old and still showing us what she’s got up her sleeve.

Madonna has had several songs such as “Like A Virgin”, “Material Girl”, “Live to Tell”, “Papa Don’t Preach” even “Vogue” above reach to #1 on the Billboard charts throughout her music career in the 80’s and 90’s. She also has acting in her blood as she has had roles in films, “Desperately seeking Susan”, Sexual documentary “Truth or Dare”,”A League of Their Own” and many more.

Madonna is currently still touring for her latest album, titled Rebel Heart, that was released on March 10, 2015. She is currently in Mexico on this day and the tour will end in March 2016.  Madonna is an Icon because she achieved popularity by pushing the boundaries of lyrical content in mainstream popular music and imagery in her music videos.

Controversy is her middle name, she humped the stage in a wedding dress during the MTV awards while performing “Like A Virgin”. Madonna is known for reinventing both her music and image, and for maintaining her freedom within the music industry. She is a all about Love and a popular figure still in today’s pop culture. To keep up with this lady, follow her on her social media pages below!

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Sjaaf Takes Flight

Photo Credit to Bob Gysen
Photo Credit to Bob Gysen

Meet your new favorite future bass artist. Sjaaf, straight out of Belgium, will sends chill down your spine with his productions. Coming out of the studio to announce new music and to gift a remix. His last pieces of work were originals, released a month apart and that is without mentioning his exclusive track with Redbull. Sjaaf is releasing bits of work to foreshadow an upcoming project as he updates his social media about staying cooped up in the studio creating new and different sounds.

Pushing his boundaries as an artists this is the kind of work that comes out. Mind bending music that hits the soul. Sjaaf is an excellent beat smith and works around synthesizers quite well. He also has a good eye for artists for his covers. A true artist inspired by creation. Ever song gets full effort as it seems, his latest would be his best yet. I would be a few months since the release of Twigs and Flurs but a wait well rewarded.

His latest project takes Machinedrum‘s track Take Flight, an energetic bass track and slows it down to head bumping hip hop beats and heavy bass. Making a breathtaking intro into a percussive and chopped vocal build to a drop that pumps some adrenaline into your system. A master combination of sounds to create this soul releasing tune! Best of all Sjaaf gifts this remix to you for free with the announcement of a new EP in the works. All those tracks released little by little, all that time in the studio concludes with an EP we cannot wait to hear.

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