Artist of the Week: WRDS Demonstrates Why He’s a Top Talent in Chicago with Winter Solstice.

Puerto Rican born and Chicago raised, WRDS has 4 albums under his belt; MORE THAN WRDS, SERCRET SESSIONS, SECRET SESSIONS II and finally, WINTER SOLSTICE. All records showcasing the utmost of lyrical dexterity, tight syncopated flow, and hard hitting relatable lines for anyone who has grown up and currently resides in a concrete jungle.

WRDS recruits Chicago recording artists Sonata, Clew, and fellow Chi-Native colleague Mic Logik to help add some depth to his album. They provide strong complimentary features and were perfectly incorporated onto the project. Overall out of ten songs, WRDS takes on eight of those tracks by himself. It is impressive when an emcee can put out a body of work that is palatable with a lack of features. It gives the listener a better idea of the true sound and style of the artist. Feature heavy records are great of course, but WRDS sets himself apart by releasing content that is mostly himself, having virtually no features on either of his previous SECRET SESSIONS releases and only one feature on MORE THAN WRDS.

Credit: @aqrunitback @thehitshop_

WRDS drops winter time wisdom with his latest release. Favorite and memorable tracks are WZRD, METAL FACE, and STARS. In WZRD he raps “Gotta wear a cape like batman, I ain’t gotta pay for the lap dance, i just gotta do me, truly, crazy how I became that man!” This hook is quite catchy and will have you guaranteed to put the track on repeat; it gives the listener a sense of empowerment and accomplishment in the face of adversity. In STARS, WRDS raps “See I swang with gorillas in the canopy, if I was them yes of course I would be mad at me this planet is my canvas and the universe my gallery!” This line hits a listener with that cosmic sense of touting you are one of the best and proving that within the analogy of a dope rap line.

WRDS strings together a plethora of rhymes relating to the cosmos leading up to that line, he builds up the song to the hook “We shoot for the stars, we shoot for the stars…” In METAL FACE, WRDS rhymes “Man I speak in facts, beef is what a vegan lacks, I’ve been breathing facts deep into my heathen raps, I tried to lead with love, now I gotta lead with stats, I don’t bleed blood, cut me what I bleed is black ink on a page, you just touch it and it’s me attached.” This was the craziest and most mind blowing string of rhymes to listen to on the record. The type of string that sends the shiver down your spine after realizing the meaning and piecing it together in the moment as one is listening.

Bravo to WRDS for his 4th release and getting hard core rap fans through the quarantine with quality enjoyable hip hop that makes you think. Going through the rest of WRDS catalog is highly recommended especially if you’re in the need of lyrical inspiration. His style is refreshing for all those that haven’t been privy to the Chicago heavy weight. Ever Evolved is anxiously anticipating more work from WRDS and the Chi-Native squad!

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Seyso Links with Cado San to Make “For Sure”

Seyso and Cado San have been in the Chicago scene for a while now. You might not be familiar with Seyso as this is his first long term recording/producing artist project. Also known as EyeHaveSeen previously, he has produced almost 100 songs under that alias for artists Roy French, CantBuyDeem, Jinx, Black Ralphyl, AJ Peace and more. He has also been a graphic artist as early as 2015, shooting and video editing and doing cover arts for many artists, most notably CantBuyDeem, Roy French, and Yung Tact, etc.

Cado San is 1/3 of the Chicago hip hop trio, White PPL. And when these two collaborate, as they did on FOR SURE, it makes for some uniquely lyrical and melodic music. Cado’s gravelly auto-tune singing helps the listener really feel the pain in his voice. His flow compliments Seyso’s trippy ambient guitar production on the instrumental, and when Seyso comes in with his low bass auto-tuned voice, the transition feels seamless. His singing offers a great juxtaposition to Cado’s higher melodies.

Seyso also recently dropped a 7 track project entirely self produced, featuring Anai, AJ Peace, and Roy French. The 7 track record is named VAGABOND, and is currently streaming everywhere. Having a new artist and producer brand, he is already off to a great start in building his catalog of songs and records. We are excited to see more production and songs from Seyso in the future. If his collaborations are any indication, recording artists sound quite developed and refined on Seyso instrumentals.

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Stratus New Music Brings Shivers To The Spine

This lowkey legend has been hangin’ around Chicago’s electronic music community for quite some time, producing music for over a decade! Having been more experimental and ambient at the start, the sounds and heaviness of drum & bass and dubstep ultimately took over. Having a playlist of about one hundred songs over many genres, if not more, the quality and intent in his music is undeniable. Stratus done it all from house music, trap, drum and bass, moombahton and more, he can rock whatever he puts his mind to. He continues to add to that with a the release of an EP and single to follow!

Coming to bass music, he got it mastered to a point where he gets the stamp of approval from OG’s like Doctor P, ’nuff said. His latest releases are no exceptions to the rule, packed full of bass and climactic synths, Stratus balances the highs and lows, not overdoing anything in between. His most recent track SHIVERS, a free download, takes you on a ride with ambient and melodic buildups that give way to some heavy chops. This track follows his EP EVERYTHING GOES BLACK, and if you cannot tell from the title, there is significantly less ambiance, and more in your face, heavy energy. You get straight gritty dubstep, AMUSIA gets dirty on a dance beat, and it is all topped off with ONLY NOW; some familiar lyrics giving way to a melodic bassline. Stratus hits the nail on the head with these new releases.

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Ayoo With The Chops!

Ayoo is back with another great remix to follow up from their Wolfbiter and Saladin remix releases! Picking one of their favorite DJ and producer Virtual Riot. The artist from Germany is a well established name in the electronic music community and more specifically in regards to bass music! He has performed festivals around the world and collaborated with popular names like Modestep, 12th Planet, DirtyPhonics, FuntCase and way more. From the GERMAN ENGINEERING EP, Ayoo pick out one of their favorite tracks CHOP CHOP, and turn the heavy riddim bass track into an energetic electro bass house beat.

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Artist of the Week: The Adaptive Pugs Atomz

Don’t keep your eggs in one basket as the saying goes, and many artists in Chicago that we cover often times find themselves with multiple talents, fortunately. Pugs Atomz is another good example of this with his level of ambition and activity, working as a visual artist, a designer, radio host and hip hop emcee. Catch him on CTARadio every Wednesday on 88.5 fm or selling merchandise at Iridium. At the moment Pugs Atomz is getting ready to release a full album with Australian producer Inkswell.

The two artists met on Instagram and what started out as quick collaboration turned into a long term full album project. Inkwell, having worked with artists like Georgia Anne Muldrow, LMNO, Illa J to name a few, has the right sound to work with a hip hop artist like Pugs Atomz. They both sound so good together and their two leading singles, INVITE THE LIGHT and 4AM BURNERS from the LP THE MOON to be released on Sonar Kollectiv, show how their styles mixes with one another. Marrying jazz, funk and hip hop beats together, along with Pugslee’s lyricism, these songs are like audio soul food. Full album should be released soon and it features dope artists like Planetself, Wes Restless, Awdazcate, Nathan Knew among other Chicago locals, and the preview is up on Sonar Kollectiv soundcloud.

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StankNasty Summons Gods Of Rock On Latest Remix

StankNasty takes it another level with his latest release I KNOW I’VE WON, implementing a sample of one of the most iconic songs of the counter culture era. Classic rock and folk music meets rap lyricism to create a hip hop influenced HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN remix. Created in the 1920’s by Texas Alexander, HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN has been covered by many artist since but was made famous by the Animals, after they heard Nina Simones rendition. This time StankNasty gets his turn on the song, giving it the contemporary make over we did not know we needed. With Kat Baker backing up on chorus with her sensually soft spoken voice, the soul of the 60’s and the energy of StankNasty’s quick and hard hitting lyricism, this remix puts you in another world!

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Frankiem Mitch On A Chill Wave

A regular to the artistic community, performing at venues like ISA Studios, Fulton Street Collective, Uncommon Ground, Sofar Chicago typically solo, or with backup instruments, doing spoken word on social conflicts. Chicago poet Frankiem Mitch comes out with a few audio releases, having posted some written poetry to start out the year. Out with a four track project called OBSESSION, that glosses over self reflection and love over ambient, melancholic chords. A well constructed project featuring some talented artists to play minor but significant roles in the music.

The songs seems to follow a couple of themes, one is the obvious Pokemon imagery, mainly with evolving plant based insects like Caterpie, perhaps a metaphor to personal change or growth. OMG seems to follow a mutual infatuation with another woman, one where he seems reluctant to get too in depth with. Maybe the answer lies in CATERPILLER where infatuation turns to lust and a longing for connection. In METAPOD Frankiem metaphors his life and love obstacles with lyrics like, “its too many demons inside, I couldn’t face my fears… I couldn’t tuck in my pride,” or “I put my soul the the universe like whoa.” He tops it off with a track he revisits from a while back, RECOVERY, and with the help of artists like Chai Tulani, Leah Jean, J Roes, Nosidam and others, it is a poetic masterpiece!

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Woman Crush Wednesday: The Multi-talented CSharee

Quite an active artist, CSharee is a creative in more ways than one. Breaking spotlight with modeling, on the runway and in photoshoots, she quickly got comfortable behind the camera. Also a very talented dancer, she has recently begun releasing choreography videos, solo and in group, incorporating her fashion from modeling. Choosing her favorite songs and showing off her style and talent through movement. CSharee does not stop there either, she takes it a step further with music releases as well, with her first release and music video MAN, WE THROUGH back in November. Unafraid to experiment with her creativity and expand her talents for the world to see, it should be exciting to see where her energy takes her next, she has only just started.

Photo Credit: Darnell Harris

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Don’t Make CJ Run Lose Their Cool: Artist of the Week

CJ Run, who’s pronoun is They, from the UK and residing in Chicago is back to releasing new music, since their HERE FOR NOW EP and LEAGUE OF MY OWN singles release. We have 3 new tracks and each one contrasts the last, in message and energy. Showing off their diversity in creativity and expression, CJ Run goes through a few layers of them self, deep in the lyricism. Between love, retrospect and attitude, CJ unravels and experiments with styles.

RUNS WORLD goes deep in the roots of being, what makes they, what makes you. Lyrics like, “reaching for the sky with the devil on my shoulder,” can be a metaphorical expression that can mean, maintaining ambitions and aspiration, while being realistic & aware to the nature of life and happenings; “days are getting longer, getting harder and I’m colder.” The song is paired up with THE MIDDLE & LOSE MY COOL, produced by shlatos this time, as opposed to Wize on the first track. CJ really moves in a whole different direction with LOSE MY COOL as it experiments with a dance beat, creating a dance-funk and soul energy, similar to Disclosure, that is just too hot, too flammable, so undeniable! Bringing attitude and sexual energy, you just might lose your cool.

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Birthdayy Partyy Got The House Partyy Right

Chicago duo Birthdayy Partyy is hitting the hot button with number of releases. Coming in with a couple of collaborations and a VIP track for your bedroom playlist, because we are going no where in this lockdown! Does not mean you cannot WIGGLE, like you can for their collaboration with Wenzday, published on Gold Digger, a perfect song for a night bass style collection. Or you can pick a FIGHT, published on Bite This! with Dirty Chime on that track, you can get your adrenaline pumping as the bass vibrates throughout the track. Birthdayy Partyy’s latest comes as a remake of one of their anthemic bass tracks HOUSE PARTYY, which gets a totally new boiler room energy about it, it is even more addictive with its sound than before.

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