Queen Mars Radiates Confidence In Her Music Video B!tch

As an artist, there can be many forms of self expression; from instruments, to painting, photography, video, modeling, dancing and even nudity! Masters of self expression, or artists, can combine some of these ideas, and with lock downs in place everywhere, the free time puts creatives at an advantage. Queen Mars is one of many taking control of this free time, working on new music, an accompanying video and the promotion for it all. Running into an obstacle at first, the B!TCH music video is celebrated by a welcoming audience.

Using just her phone and a flashlight in the comfort of her home, Queen Mars got creative with some visual effects. With slow motion, shutter and reverse effects, Queen Mars dances confidently in her skin to her own music! Causing some form of censorship from advertising, she took to the media to speak her mind about hypocrisy and double standards in media between men and women. Even more pressing as the song, aside from the visual, highlights strong divine femininity.

The emerging woman will be strong-minded, strong-hearted, strong-souled and strong bodied. Strength and beauty must go together. One of many quotes Queen Mars places in her music video as subliminal reminders of inner power and confidence. Over a simple guitar riff, piano chords and vocal harmonics, she sings, “I’m that B!TCH, say my name, where’s my crown, call me queen. I’m the one in control!” The video noting a B!TCH as an equivalent to a Boss, and ironically, a word used by emasculated men towards women they find themselves intimidated by. Sitting on her own thrown, B!TCH accumulated close to 2k views in just a week.

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Add Porn and Chicken To Your Apocalypse Playlist

The apocalypse is not over just yet, and Porn and Chicken may have a couple of must-have tunes for your end of days playlist. All ready with their remix of Slayer‘s anthem, RAINING BLOOD, from last year, they come up something more recent as well. Starting with a sound byte of a comment regarding corona virus by POTUS, Porn and Chicken decide to remix PURGE by Minyin, another trap bass beat. The Chicago bass artists make it a little heavier, adding a little more heavy metal to it, nicely balancing the hip hop influence within the original track.

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DJ Curt Henny Drops The Bison Dele Mix

DJ Curt Henny is on fire, dropping another mix this month that will get you dancing. Following up from his birthday mix, RELEASE THE BALLOONS, from last week, he still has some energy! Tapping into his Latin roots, his latest mix, BISON DELE (named after the NBA star) and the aforementioned, is based around the reggae genre. A versatile DJ, Curt Henny jumps between genres often, keeping a open library in his head between hip hop, trap, reggae artists and more!

Previous mixes, like his S.U.S.H.I. mixes, were geared towards hip hop and trap. Hearing all these mixes you can see the diversity in his style and his playlist. There is a lot of history in learning which songs to like, and which ones get the dance floor moving. Recently DJ Curt Henny joined Ever Evolved‘s Familiar Faces Podcast with the Dog and Pony Show, and talked about his experiences in music. Talking about his upbringing, inspirations and event experiences, you can get a interesting perspective on Curt Henny and the lifestyle of a DJ.

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A Lyrical Demigod In WRDS

Some people may feel talent is god given, 2nd nature, and others would argue that it is sculpted from practice, experience and passion. As an artist, WRDS seems to display a natural talent within his hip hop lyricism and flow. Seemingly spitting verses casually as he raps about life and his perspectives. Especially in his latest releases following up from his WINTER SOLSTICE EP, which was a great display of his lyrical ability.

Gods & Champions seems to be the theme surrounding his latest singles, ICARUS, NIMBUS II and CAMPEON. Strolling in casually with lo-fi, boom-bap styled beats rappin’, “the chosen one? I have to be, my pen never atrophies. Yea, god given, god taketh, yes a born sinner but this gift is not forsaken,” in ICARUS, who in greek mythology gained wax wings to fly but flew too close to the sun. In NIMBUS II, a storm cloud that reveals a god, a perfect metaphor for WRDS lyrical strength, “Chemtrails left from my Nimbus, I’m feelin refreshed, feelin tremendous. Dug my self up out the trenches, my rain drenches those who stand against us.” With CAMPEON, spanish for champion, he really proves just that he is one, using nothing but boom bap, letting his lyrics do all the work with his god like flow.

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StankNasty Stirs The Pot With Preaching To The Choir: Artist of the Week

StankNasty is back with another beat laced with endless lyrics and metaphors unveiling his mind. The Chicago artist does not hold back on what he thinks about inconsistent over hyped artists that fail to deliver lyrically, with his track, PREACHING TO THE CHOIR. Presenting the confidence of a growing artist, ready to take on the spotlight, StankNasty opens himself up to scrutiny as he contends for his own place in Chicago’s hip hop community. Coming in with a flow and a hunger to back it up.

He has won fans over with his latest conceptual releases like CARNAGE, SCATTER BRAINED and I KNOW I’VE WON. Taking on a different attitude with PREACHING TO THE CHOIR, challenging his position amongst other artists in music. Already proving his lyrical tenacity, StankNasty solidifies his talents with confidence in the chorus, “I’m just preaching to the choir, only reason this beat is so complete, ’cause I set this bitch on fire.” He then takes aim, with his words as his weapons, “Too many mother f***ers are trying to duplicate a vibe, so I am attacking the clones, god damn my mentally handicapped aunt writes more intelligent notes.” The first few bars are already pack a punch, poking at beasts, and his words only dig deeper as he continues. But StankNasty proves he should be recognized, with the composure and artistry he preserves within his conceptual tracks.

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Roy Dee by J-Bose

In a touching letter to his father with extravagant thanks for his service and works in raising him and his sibling, J-Bose hits the heart strings completely with ROY DEE. J-Bose talks about his father respecting women, like his mother, and holding down many jobs to help his family get through tough times. “I sit back and count the days of our lives, I’m young and restless now but as the world turns, I realize, you won’t always be around and that makes me cry…” J-Bose sings in the chorus, evoking the listener to think about the fleetingness of life, and to be thankful for the sacrifices that their parents made.

The song features a monologue of sorts from Lauren DeBose, which describes more of the good deeds done by ROY DEE. In seven minutes time, J-Bose takes his audience on an intense emotional ride, filled with nostalgia and gratitude for the measures taken by his father, to ensure a life set with love and opportunity for his children.

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It’s Going Down by Keem Singing & Radcliff Music Presents Powerful Imagery

Great and iconic music is reflective of the times that it was made in. It is also reflective of things that have been permeating through out history. Both are true when it comes to the hit social-political single, IT’S GOING DOWN, by Keem Singing and Radcliff Music, produced by Keem Singing and RhymSter of Ever Evolved. With imagery (visuals by Hayward of B.B.E. and BTS by Scotty Rocks of the Dog & Pony Show) of Keem portraying Malcolm X, and black freedom individuals holding a vigil in response to police brutality, Keem sings, “There’s a fire burning, spread across the nation.” Radcliff Music raps a verse that pays tribute to fallen black people at the hands of police officers ie. Sandra Bland, George Floyd, Emmet Till.

Whether or not our country is better than it was in the 60’s, there is photographic and video-graphic evidence that suggests that systemic oppression against people of color has largely stayed the same. So far the music video gets rejected by multiple platforms for its supposed edginess. IT’S GOING DOWN is only edgy in that it sheds light on the frustrations that BIPOC have faced in this country for hundreds of years. Platforms will put up and publish images to negatively stereotype the black man. But show something that incites pride, political organization, and intelligence, now its edgy. When it is a music video of black men coming together to demonstrate?

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Lili K Callin’ Out Bluffs: Woman Crush Wednesday

An artist to add wonderful diversity to your Chicago playlist, the style and vocals of Lili K will leave you stunned! Originally from Milkwaukee, this Midwest artist bases herself in Chicago. Blending in easily with the vibrant music culture, she gained exposure working with artists like Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa. Learning to perform at an early age in church and school choirs, and being trained in classical, jazz and opera, you can hear the experience in the control of her voice! Along with her talent and love for music, she also expresses a bit of altruism, donating to important social causes.

Within recent events Lili K has been advocating to match her donations for Love and Land Foundation efforts for Black women and girls to reach therapy. In another case she donated to help free BLM protesters in downtown Chicago arrests; with a great voice comes a great heart it seems, in this case! Her vocal talent and style fits the burlesque culture and jazz lounges, and with frequent performances at spaces like Untitled Supper Club and Soho House, her name is becoming quite known in Chicago among lovers of jazz and soul. Recently releasing the song BLUFF, calling out the weak intentions of a significant other and leaning towards independence, Lili sings beautifully over bass and string instruments, sax and vocal harmonies, with the help of Jeremy Jones.

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GQ the Fool Droppin Freestyle Bombs!

GQ the Fool is back on his bull sh*t, as he announces on his latest freestyle release. BOMBS dawns a sports anthem sample with some percussion, GQ unloads his mind in the name of Chicago! Being busy with his Goodfellaz project with his partner Safi G, promoting their single SOUL FOOD, GQ remains the Fool and with his signature conscious, thought provoking and witty lyricism.

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Elevatd Is Eating Good Today!

Elevatd turning another corner into foreign influences! Always the duo to challenge their musical boundaries, as with their last hip hop influenced release, flipping Da Baby’s BLAME IT ON BABY. Typically hitting on their dubstep and bass roots, this release extends a deep welcome to some experimental future bass. Inviting Hissander Flores on a track dubbing Abraham Vasquez ballad, HOY ME ESTOY COMIENDO, an unexpected but refreshing homage to hispanic culture.

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