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Triology of ATTLAS with SIN EP

Since the Siren EP and discovering over his Aural Psynapse remix of Deadmau5, Jeff Hartford has shown his versatility as an artist. Better known as ATTLAS, the artist has made a series of originals, remixes and collaborations with some big names like Aphex Twin. Recently he took it upon himself to give Gallant’s Weight In Gold with a beautiful transformation into ATTLAS techno house music.

With Scene EP we learn of his cinematic spell and his ability to carry emotions through sound! Now we got a trilogy goin with ATTLAS’s 3rd EP ‘Sin’. Continuing with his epic sound Jeff is filling up his portfolio with more vibrant and even heavier tunes this time around. Starting with one of his earlier tracks Parallel Lines is a vocal transformation of Taylor from his Siren EP and continues to Burned and darky gritty techno track. This dark pattern of deep basslines and harmonious synths continues to form a magnificent techno EP. Check out the Soundcloud preview of listen to it in full on Spotify.

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ZHU Genesis

Zhu is a hit making machine and he is at it again with he latest releases on the Genesis Series. Releasing the songs in an untraditional manner to his fans. Zhu released each track individually on consecutive Fridays through mediums best fitting the track style. Really interesting artist to say the least, mysterious yet out of the box creative in every way.

Zhu has Come a long way since wooing the world with Faded and the NightDay EP. Since then he has remixed top artists to perfection. Now with Genesis he is collaborating with big names old and new. Really pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music and fusing a world of sound into it. Genesis is a melting pot of Funk, Jazz, Raggae, Hip Hop, Garage and House music to name a few! Zhu is staying true to the idea of making it about the music rather than his identity. Anybody got a picture of him yet?

The Genesis Series is packed with artist collabs from AlungaGeorge, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Skrillex, A-Trak, Gallant, to Keznamdi, Daniel Johns, They and few more. Each artist chosen came to the studio and made their music “from scratch, organically respecting the origins of how music was made”. The sounds of our generation in one collaborative effort.

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The Best Thing Ever – Niykee Heaton

By the looks of her facebook comments they would not now it But! This girl makes actual music and really good music too. They might be too distracted by her gracious look if they cannot find her soundcloud. Coming from Chicago Niykee Heaton is an artist that embraces body, mind and music. Whilst playing the guitar, she also produces and writes her own music! Not even a lot of mainstream artists can say that.

Best Thing Ever is a pretty catchy pop tune, released during her ongoing Bedroom Tour, which btw will be making a stop in Chicago on the 3rd of December at Concord Music Hall. Making a real cool diversity with this next song, KING, leans more on bass. Live shows must be a party. With excellent flow and vocal harmonics on the mic, it is written and produced yet again by the artist herself.

Niykee Heaton is making an excellent name for herself with her music and modeling, showing she is multi-talented. Gaining about a million facebook followers and 100K+ on soundcloud with millions of plays. Niykee is going wherever she is setting her mind to cause like KING, her track, she is KING in her mind. Despite the internet being a horrible place, Niykee the real fans will be at the show!

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I Am Only Human – Safi G

Safi G from BANDIT crew is a quick witted Hip Hop MC from Chicago that is pumpin the ears of his listeners with some real soulful and positive music.  Music Video credited to Mahmood Darayyad aka Mac and recorded in Ever Evolved studio, I Am Only Human, is a story about heart ache as told by Safi over a smooth beat n rhythm with a vocal edit from Chicago’s own Krewella from their track Human. One of his more human sides, but you have to hear Safi G really get down, you have give his recent mixtape release a listen.

Pure Genesis, first release for BANDIT, is packed with heart pumping beats and flawless lyricism and flow. Safi has a message in every song that you have to listen to, read between the lines or better yet listen! Back and forth between smooth rhythm and heavy beats, it also comes with a dope image of baby Safi being super serious. Ten tracks of some serious Chi town attitude, grab this EP!

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London Baby! – Micheal Woods

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 1.07.46 AM

“I’m from London Baby!”. This London native wants us all to know where he comes from. His catchy new singlel has a few words but will have you pumped and feeling a bit seductive. Definitely has a well deserved DJ residency at LIFE in Las Vegas.

Micheal Woods has had a very successful music career and only keeps the momentum rising. According to his about me, on his Soundcloud, he has been “classically trained in a variety of instruments ranging from piano to percussion”. His hard word paid off in 2000 when he released his debut single Warrior. Then in 2003 If You Want Me, achieving top 100 in the UK Club Chart. He has created his own record label called Diffused Music. He wanted to create musical freedom and to be able to control his own process. Never or less, you cannot deny the energy you feel from his music!

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Deadmau5 Is Back At It

Joel Zimmerman is back on the cloud with new music to woo the fans with. A double dose of new mau5 production. Joel may dissapear for a while at a time musically with, getting blog famous off his tweets, but when he hits the studio he always comes out with quality production. Getting better every single time too. His last big project While(1<2) was released in June of 2014, last year. While it probably does not take Joel that long to perfect a masterpiece.

Joel goes in a different direction from (While (1<2), where as that project took more soundscape vibe in majority of the tunes, Imaginary Friends goes back to the roots of deadmau5 music. The harmonious intros and buildups to the down driving basslines and hypnotizing synths all reminiscent to earlier tracks in albums such as For Lack Of A Better Name and > album title goes here <. Imaginary Friends is reportedly a suggestion name by a fan in reference to Donnie Darko in which Joel responded that he would consider the name for the first track of his new album. So there is good news that that right that. More mau5 music.

More mau5 music which would probably include this next track ripped off of Deadmau5 Twitch streams by a fan. NVIDIA, a double dose of mau5 treats for the fans. This one is sure to hit the dance floors heavy as fans will go wild for the new sound. Classic, yet contemporary mau5. As the song switches back and fourth from heavy bass synths and elongated atmospheric buildups a quote somewhat references Imaginary Friends saying “I made a new friend. Real or imaginary?”.

I myself cannot wait to witness Deadmau5’s new and improved set in its full glory in Rosemont, Il this New Years Eve. Four trucks of production equipment, bring it on.

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Stargazing – Jus Jack

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 1.33.10 AM

Armada Music is known for always have great dance music for the past 12 years. Founded by Armin van Buuren, Maykel, and David Lewis ( also the abbreviations Ar-Ma-Da). Armada Music has artist like Dash Berling, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Emma Hewitt, and Paul Oakenfold. The Bearded Man is a new sub-label under the Armada Music wing. The direction they are going for is music ” outside the box and the word genre doesn’t mean anything..” The Bearded Man label (TBM) just recently released On November 3, Stargazing by Jus Jack.

Jus Jack (Jack Christopher Sllsopp) is an English musician from London. HIs first Debute album was The Outer Marker in 2002 but the Album that reached recognition was in 2007 when BBC played Starz in their Eyes”. Startgazing “makes you feel almost alive”. Stargazging is his newest single released under TBM. This soft melodic dance sound has an energy to keep you motivated on those early morning runs or late at night walks.


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Gorgon City – Save My Life (Terrace & Warehouse Dub)

Image Cred to Gorgon City
Image Cred to Gorgon City

Gorgon City pretty much gets the gold standard in deep house music. Save My Life featuring ROMANS is a hit and we can all agree. Gorgon on the other hand was not finished with the track popping out with 2 more versions. One for the warehouse and one for the terrace these 2 are incredibly smooth remakes of the original. You will hear them echoing in your dome for days, weeks maybe.

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Hucci, A very skilled MJ Fan

Michael Jackson was not too fond of Rock music from what I have heard even though he had Eddie Van Halen on his hit song Beat It for the guitar solo. I wonder what he would have thought of about Hip Hop and Trap music. For Hucci this genre in electronic music is like second nature to him and I would say an excellent candidate to recreate a song by the King of Pop. Choosing one of MJ’s more rebellious lyrics from They Don’t Care About Us, Hucci chops and transposes them up in A Perfect Storm; creating a raw beat and rhythmic pattern around it. Grab the free download and get ready to be impressed.

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Wiping Out the Past With Brand New Music

Credits to The Neighbourhood for their cover art

For the first time in nearly 3 years, The Neighbourhood released a brand new album this past Thursday. It included popular tracks such as Prey and R.I.P.2 My Youth. There was something very unexpected from this album, though. It seems like the band has changed their music style almost completely. Veering away from Alternative rock, they have made their shift to deep R&B. Overall, It’s personal. Extremely detailed lyrics are telling stories in their songs. You can hear the expression of emotions in the vocals.


Something that I really liked about this album is how it’s extremely re-playable. If that’s even a word, this is something that I can listen to over and over again. Each time you re-play a song, you’ll pick up on something new; whether it’s a piece of the beat, or learning more about the lyrics. The stories only get deeper the more you hear it.


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