Robbie Rivera ft. Caroline D’ Amore – Manipulate Me


House music mastermind Robbie Rivera unleashes this hypnotizing tech house track onto his fans on the 28th day of April. Featuring Caroline D’ Amore on vocals this track will get your head lost in music. Add this track to any playlist and you can manipulate and control a crowd as good as Robbie Rivera himself. Or almost as good!

Although you have to purchase this track to own it, Robbie has been releasing some beautiful tunes as free downloads recently. You do not want to miss out on those! So make sure  to follow him on facebook or soundcloud to keep up with his latest updates.

Check out Manipulate Me below.

Kygo, The one and only


At the age of 22 Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll, otherwise known as Kygo, is already dominating the music scene with his one of a kind productions that has caught the attention of some reputable artists such as Coldplay, Diplo and Avicii. With what his fans dubbed tropical house music, Kygo has truly created music that can stand in on its own. Starting his musical journey at the age of 6 taking up the piano, it would not be for another 10 years of training till Kyrre would move onto his own compositions. But it wasn’t until he heard Avicii’s 2010 single ‘Seek Bromance‘ that inspired him to take on progressive house music and start producing tracks of his own. 

In an interview with Billboard Magazine, Kyrre explains the creative process in which he creates his masterful melodies. “I always play piano over the original track. I often stay sitting up all night” He continues “I get into a zone where I’m really in my own world when I make music”. This commitment to his music production is what launched Kygo to the top of the charts on both Billboards Uncharted, and Hype Machine No.1 Remixes

As Kyrre got progressively better in the studio, he noticed an unsettling pattern in mainstream electronic music. “All the songs sounded the same,” he exclaimed, “Suddenly, everything was about who had the most badass drop and I got really tired of that. I just wanted to make melodies. I started trying to do my own thing and let the melodies make the genre themselves”. This ambition is what set Kyrre apart from other music producers and this passion, unknowing to the Norgweign producer, is what will ultimately got the ball rolling to his inevitable success.

Kygo first showed his style through his remix of Let Her Go by the Passengers, and with overwhelming support from his fans and blogs, the song reach No. 1 on Hype Machine. Followed by 10 more successful remixes reaching No. 1. Finally it was his entry into LE7ELS’ “Miami 82” remix contest in February that got him some real attention. The label hit him up the next day to sign the track and before he knew it he is living every aspiring producers dream! 

In the following days Ultra Music Festival picked up his remixed and used it for the their offical promotional video for 2014, quickly putting Kygo in the spotlight in the electronic dance music industry. It did not take long for Diplo’s keen ears to hear Kyrres talent. He went on his facebook page, and “begged him” to make a mix on Diplo & Friends. Promoting his music as it is; sexy and “100% original”. That’s how Diplo likes it, and that’s how we at Evolved Music like it.

Afterwards even Pete Tong, the legendary british DJ and host of Radio 1, got word of this up and coming talent through Coldplays Chris Martin to get in touch with Gold Hare, Kygo’s management group. Exclusively revealed to Billboard, Kygo was commissioned to officially remix Coldplay’s latest single “Midnight” soon after.

“I only touched a DJ controller for the first time last year, but I’m getting better,” he says, laughing. “Most of my songs are really slow compared to ones other artists make, so it’s pretty difficult to find songs in between that I can use to increase the tempo”, he told Billboard. But from the sounds of his mix on Diplo & Friends it did not take him long to get used to it.

Now It seems like smooth sailing for Kygo as he is already taking on his own 9 city North American Tour with 4 venues already sold out. Now it is only a matter of time before Kygo becomes one of the more popular names in the electronic music scene with some original production in the works and “Midnight” to be released as I mentioned earlier. I am so excited to hear what else Kyrre has to offer to our ears. His music truly vibes with the soul and I definitely will be vibing on the dancefloor to his one of a kind productions when he hits up the Mid in my hometown Chicago! Keep up with Kygo on his soundcloud and facebook, you wouldn’t want to miss what he has coming up! 


Dillon Francis reveals release date for new album


Coming back from a few crazy weekends at Ultra Music Festival & more recently Coachella, Dillon Francis is not calming down yet. If anything the festivals gave him more life as he makes it known on twitter & facebook. So much so that he releases his Daft Punk trap remix for free! Even with his Chromeo remix still hot being released only a week before.

No genre is safe when Dillon Francis is at his “bedside studio”. In a hilarious interview with Power 96 on a balcony overlooking Ultra, Dillon discusses his upcoming album, which he says is for sure being released in July with the title Money Sucks, Friends Rule. This title seems true to Dillons lifestyle as he just gave away his Daft Punk remix for his fans as I mentioned earlier; and all his hilarious antics with his fellow dj friends for example, more recently, shooting a hilarious trailer for Hard Summer 2014, where Dillon is scheduled to play as well! So this album should be a game changer, with collaborations with Twista, and even Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco. I can’t wait to see what random styles Dillon put together for his debut album. Keep your eyes and ears open!

Check out the full interview below!

Worthy drops Hit Me EP, Nest HQ’s 2nd free release


Nest HQ is keepin it at deep house and future bass vibes with another release this time by Worthy. With a history already full of ridiculous EP releases, this producer from San Francisco is only starting to showoff his creative potential. In an  interview on the Nest HQ platform Worthy talks about his experience at Coachella, the creative process in making his Hit Me EP and his up coming album Disbehave, which is set to be released this June.

Just coming back from playing with the Dirtybird Label crew (in which he helped form with Claude VonStroke and Justin & Christian Martin in 2001) on The Do Lab stage at Coachella, Worthy is proving to be a busy man. Just releasing Hit Me he is also finishing up the long process of getting his album Disbehave together. “It is a bit experimental and chiller than what most people will expect from me”. He goes on to say, “My overall goal with the album is to give myself a platform in which to reach a broader audience and show people the range of music I can create.”

Worthy‘s Hit Me EP is Nest HQ’s 2nd free release with AC Slater debuting its first. But you cannot compare the two completely for Worthy’s sound is real unique. With what he calls “Booty Future House” this 2 track ep will definitely keep the ladies on the dance floor shakin their thangs. Just a couple of vocal samples, some deep basslines and old school break beats and Worthy has added a couple of masterpieces to his playlist. I’m excited to see what this guy has in store with for us in his upcoming album. Should be worth waiting for!

Check out & download the EP below and read the creative process in making Hit Me in full detail in the interview here.



Victor Niglio Fuses Genres with New Track “Amani”


Victor Niglio, seemingly came up out of no where into the music scene. Victor who is most known for his trap style, twerkin and party anthems, and more notably his anthem “Jiggy”, quickly gained a huge following after being noticed by major artists like Diplo and Borgore and even getting to collaborate with them.

Now it seems the booty monsta himself is looking to break genre boundaries with the release of this track “Amani”, which fuses euphoric trance melodies & synths and his infamous trap sound. I say it is about time. I have always wondered how trance and trap could work together, and thus, Victor made this possible and he did not dissapoint.

This time teaming up with Khross for their very first “artist spotlight month”, the two releases various merchandise & remix package of Victors songs. Aside from that Victor Niglio & Khross are dabbling into charity work. Since this track is being given out for free, Victor is hoping you can give back with a donation to AMREF, which provides medical aid to East Africa, through his website here, and whatever donation you provide Victor will match that so the charity essentially gets twice the amount you send! Truly inspiring work, being able to give to back to the world through his talents and also making people think outside the box in terms of genres. Can’t wait to see what this man has in store for us in the future!

download this track and donate here

Trentino – Og Trentino Ft. Que [Free Download]


Recently I got to experience a Trentino live performance as BOAT with Big Once at the Mid in Chicago and I was quite impressed. The Chicago locals rocked the set with mixing and scratching skills on the turntables with a song selection that’ll have any party bangin.

After the show I was definitely keepin a lookout for more of Trentino and low and behold, the man dropped this track earlier today. “Mr. OG Bobby Johnson himself, Que, sent me these vocals a few weeks ago so I made this to play out. It’s a free download, so enjoy!” He wrote in the description of the track. The vocals for this track is like something you would expect in a trap recording and the grinding bass synths and bouncy beats will have you jumping around the dancefloor. You can bring life to any party with this track and fortunately for you it is a free download!

Check out OG Trentino below

Trentino was forced to abandon his soundcloud page due to copyright infringement policy. But you can still check out his most recent work on his youtube channel here

Zeds Dead releases Hadouken as a Free Download


Even over a busy tour schedule Zeds Dead manages to find time to create mind blowing music for their fans. DC & Hooks are back with this banger “Hadouken” as a free download to promote an EP they’re working on with Mad Decent. With a soul soothing melody backed with some female vocals to build up to massive drops with that Zeds Dead sound we all love so much, this grimy melody is only a teaser of whats to come, and I am excited to see what the Toronto duo has in store for us. Keep an eye out for Zeds Dead for more future releases.

And while you wait check out Hadouken below and download if for free on their soundcloud.

Seven Lions Announces EP Release Date with a Video Teaser Trailer.

Seven Lions

Seven Lions, a producer from Santa Barbara, has quickly become a recognizable name in the electronic music industry and it’s no wonder that it is because of his unique productions. Jeff’s music will have your ears tingling with euphoric melodies combined with a fusion of trance and dubstep breakdowns and drops that are just out of this world.  No pun intended as he is about to drop his latest EP “Worlds Apart” on the 29th of April.
And the tracklist goes somethin like.

  1. Don’t Leave w/ Ellie Goulding
  2. Worlds Apart w/ Kerli
  3. Nepenthe
  4. Strangers w/ Myon & Shane 54 ft. Tove Lo
  5. Keep It Close w/ Kerli

Jeff Mantalvo, otherwise know as Seven Lions, is releasing this EP under Casablanca Records rather than OWSLA, his previous label in which he released one of his last singles “Serpent of Old“, a dark moombahton track with Seven Lions signature touch. Jeff being the busy man is also currently on his Worlds Apart Tour promoting the EP. On top of the tour this EP also gets an trailer video before it’s release which will only leave you anxious! But thankfully, Jeff already released a single “Strangers”, which will be featured on the Worlds Apart EP leaving us with just a taste of whats to come!

You can check out the Worlds Apart EP trailer below.


Under the Veil of Anonymity: Golden Features


Golden Features, a mysterious figure at first, recently revealed his identity in a interview with Thump.  Within dropping his debut EP “Golden Features“, the producer quickly gained some recognition after Triple J, a radio station in Australia, aired some of his tracks in February. Porter Robinson supported the EP quickly after. Gaining thousands of views within days people started wondering just who is this anonymous producer, and is he new? 

Turns out he is none other than Tom Stell, an Australian producer from the duo Kyro & Bomber, making big room house. “To be honest with you, I didn’t love it anymore. I wasn’t enjoying it”, Stell stated in the interview, “felt like I was forcing something. That I was just trying to fit into what everyone else was doing, because it seemed like the easy option.” Coming from a history “hip hop guys like MF Doom” and dance house influences like Daft Punk and the Chemical Brothers, Stell was looking for more of his own style of music that can stand out on its own. 

“The whole idea of the Golden Features project is to turn myself into an artist that people actually go to see for their own music.” explaining further “I don’t want people to be hung up on the anonymity thing because, in my mind, it’s not important. It’s the music”. A real idea that gives a breath of fresh air to the EDM scene as more producers are getting more creative and moving away from the same old, same structured “big room house” music and into whatever they want!

Golden Features is set to play at HARDstraylia, Hard‘s Debut Australian tour ran by Destructo.
Listen to and download “Golden Features EP” for Free, down below!

Savoy, LoBounce & Bright Lights release new single “S.C.R.E.A.M.” [Free Download]


Savoy & LoBounce just released another track together alongside vocalist Bright Lights. These producers are proving to be a perfect match for each other. They have recently worked on 2 tracks “Cata” & “Nothing Stays The Same“, which featured on Savoy‘s previous album “Self Predator”, that produced some deep vibes and crunchy bass lines that put a fresh spin on electronic music.

It is good to see LoBounce, a Chicago native, experiment and evolv with different styles. It has been well noticed in his recent EP “Rave and other recent tracks like his collab with Dirty Monkey “Pull Up” (and in his live sets I have seen personally in Chicago). Combine him with Savoy, whom isn’t shy to experiment with more than one BPM styles as well, and Bright Lights mesmerizing vocals in the equation and you got yourself the perfect track to vibe to.

Listen to and download “S.C.R.E.A.M.” below