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It’s All Good – Manic Focus

Put this track on repeat and get one with this beat. Premiering on ThisSongIsSick, Manic Focus unleashes a heavy electro soul remix It’s All Good. Originally composed by Griz about year ago. Manic Focus from Chicago relayers the track resulting in a new funky glitchy heavy bass hitting remake. Fans in Chicago had the opportunity to hear this new beat and others like his recents Sowing My Zone and Funky Style during their recent gig at Concord Music Hall March 18th with Probcause, Manic Science’s Boraham Lee, and Artifakts. It’s All Good is available for free download on the artists soundcloud page.

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My Gold Mask – Dissipate [Music Video]

My Gold Mask releases a this colorful piece of visual media for track off their forthcoming album Anxious Utopia. Dissipate is their second video release and preview of their forthcoming album generating a lot of anticipation here in Chicago. And industrial pop rock track with a dark breakdown building the anticipation for Anxious Utopia Filming and editing the video must have been fun; who doesn’t like tossing paint at anyone in reverse. My Gold Mask had released another abstract music video for Battles, earlier in September, also to be released on the new LP. These guys are on the rise, so keep your tabs on them!

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DualStyles – Dispute the Difference

Straight out of Chicago Dualstyles comes loaded with the 12 track album Dispute the Difference. True to their name they express their creativity through a fusion of genres. Combining heavy metal, rap and electronic music production, tracks like More Power, End of an Empire, War Machine and Below the Line really stand out in terms of genre bending. While tracks like Impulse represents the metal genre in its fullness. This band definitely has some extraordinary talent that brings something new to the table. You can catch more of their experimental sound live as they perform around Chicago and are currently participating in Battle of the Bands; heading into the second round.

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A.R. – Educated Low Lives

The long awaited album has arrived. Dropping gems here and there building the anticipation for the release. AuX A.R. has worked side by side Marskiss to make every song as good as the last on this album. With tracks like Chicago Chicago, Peace Love and So Deep you can hear A.R. evolving throughout the LP lyrically as his story unravels. Then you got Cotton Mouth and of course the Outro, tracks to kick back to with a vibin hip hop beat, finishing off the LP smoothly.

Aside from Educated Low Lives A.R. has been busy with many projects within Ever Evolved. Jack Of All Trades, a track on the LP, is part of a collab project, The Triangle Offence, a hip hop trio of high energy conscious MC’s within Ever Evolved. The group consisting of Rhymster, Mike Booth & A.R., released their first track together, Don’t Stop with ABs, right before the New Years to cap off 2015. You can also catch A.R. performing at Ever Evolved events and open mics around the city. Follow him to keep track of where to catch him live!

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Pero Lyke 5heriff’s Musically Gifted

pero lyke

Only 5heriff has the creative ingenuity to come with a beat as such. Merging two cultures together, Latin American and hip hop and trap beats from Chicago, Pero (Lyke) gives you a tough decision between bailando and kickin back. The energy is surreal, mostly because there are not a lot of beats available in this fashion. Talk about thinking outside the box. Cannot identify the Spanish sampling because of my ignorance on the genre but in any case this track is one to repeat.

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The World of Mojek

Introducing Mojek from Chicago. This versatile artist bring you into his world through sound design with this EP. A mixture of Hip Hop, Future Classic and house beats perfectly designed to get you moving. Premiering on 119 Production the World of Mojek includes many local artists like Dally Austin, Jean Deaux, Ric Wilson and much more talent packed into this project. With a unique style, Mojek is just starting and his music career is looking promising.

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Autograf Remixes Seafret’s Wildfire

Straight from the UK Seafret is a duo coming upon the release of their Debut Album Tell Me Its Real. Working with live music and acoustics, guitar, piano and vocals to name a few the two produced a successful EP, Oceans in 2015, accompanied with thought provoking music videos. This LP release is expecting to generate some real attention. Gaining upwards of 4 million plus views on a single song, Seafret definitely got some talent on their hands, and they can spot it too.

Being Released on Discobelle Records Autograf remixes Seafrets upcoming LP single Wildfire giving the track an addictive bass line and bouncy synths. Getting some praise from the original artists themselves. This trio is quite remarkable on production value, every track of theirs is proving to be a hit and they continuously get better. From originals to remixes, from their hit single Metaphysical to their most recent take on the Temptations, these artists creative talent is nonstop like their home, the Windy City Chicago.

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Autograf remixes the Temptations

Autograf, a Chicago based house group consisting of Mikul Wing, Louis Kha and Jake Carpenter got well known for their track Metaphysical with Janelle Kroll. These guys are also very well known for their remixes, from their take on legendary house artist Faithless to reworking Odesza’s tracks. The trio seem to like taking on high profile artists, even remixing the classic Stevie Wonder. Their most recent project takes on the Oldies icons, the Temptations. Aint Too Proud to Beg is transformed from a Motown Funk jam to the ambient Deep House Dance track Proud. This bassline has such addicting grooves the trio did the classic track some justice and gives it new energy.

Grab the free download on Autograf soundcloud linked below.

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Phina, A Young Chi City Vocalist

Image credit to Ian Ewing & Phina

Recommended by a friend Phina from Chicago has found her way to my ears and onto the Chicagos Finest playlist. Little to be known for now about the singer songwriter from the Chi other than her unique vocal expression. Only a couple original songs exist on her soundcloud at this moment, but over a months time we received two graceful songs.

Ian Ewing, a popular Milwaukee born producer has been chosen for the first soundcloud release Adams Ale, a very relaxing tune about a man and a woman it seems, without getting deep into it. Her most recent track is produced by Chicago Local Skoozy who is more sided with Hip Hop beats. At first an instrumental, the track formed into the final vocal project we know as Mr. I’m Too Cool. The melancholic atmosphere allows of these tracks allow a connection between listener and artist. Very chill sound to vibe to with. Interested to hear what Phina has in store for Chicago.

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Probcause Adds His Finishing Touch to Native Son

Image Credit to Probcause & Reaction

Like the man said himself, if he’s not making animations of Raekwon, or even working on creative art in general he is making music with him. As part of a remix EP, Probcause met up with Gramatik, Raekwon & Orlando Napier to add a verse to the lowtemp beat Native Son. Over the guitar solo and piano chords progressions Raekwon makes his presence known as Orlando keeps song connected. Prob deals his words without breaking the song flow. The quality of the track is sustained with the live music aspect.

Lowtemp artists are all gifted with the talent and motivation to play live instruments or midi controllers. Prob is no stranger to live audio as well which can possibly be one of the reasons he is welcomed in the label. Any Probcause show you attend you will see multiple collabs and live work on stage. Cofresi usually is behind the drum set and you can expect to see artists like Donnie Trumpet, Hologram Kizzie, KSRA and other Chicago Artists depending on his set. This next month in February you can catch Prob touring with Lettuce, another live act that produced a song with Chicago’s own Manic Focus, in the West Coast with more tour dates soon to be announced!

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