Go Free With Rich Jones (Music Video)

Rich Jones makes his rounds with a new release, his second already of the year. Following up on PUSHING BUTTONS with Killer Kane, Green Slime & Big Breakfast, we are graced with a new music video. GO FREE is a collaboration with Vyle and produced by Meaty Ogre. The track is another one of those Rich Jones feel good, mellow, chill, hip hop tunes, with Vyle adding a bit of rawness to the mix with his verses. This track will surely make you feel a sense of liberty when you vibe to it.

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Fatel Flows Teases Album With Music Video & Single: Artist of the Week

Chicago is home to many talented hip hop artists setting styles and trends, and its streets breed some of the coldest emcees to rock the mic. Fatel Flows among one of them, coming out of Little Village of Chicago, with some raw verses when he drops his beats. Expressing his thoughts about the rough terrain and lifestyle of living in the south west side, Fatel Flows gives listeners an idea of the day to day life in the streets of Chicago. His recent releases emphasize just that with a music video and a dope beat!

Releasing a music video last summer, COKE LINES would be the first single from his upcoming album SLY, SLICK & WICKED. Working with Kwervo Films, Fatel Flows sets himself in Chicago’s urban environment at night, treading over train tracks, dim lit bridges ways, cuts and alleyways, visually setting a tone for the mood. The beat, produced by BugNBeats, comes in and creates a sinister vibe to complete the energy of the video, using a violin and a soft melody. Fatel Flows comes in heavy with the beat, versin’ about his hustle in the booth and on the streets! He embraces it in his lyrics, “This is for the streets, the real motha f***az who never made it… living day to day, out here maintainin’. Lord knows its tough.” Ending that verse before he hits the chorus with “walk this world by my lonely, I have no choice to sin. Dope boy mentality, put your money up, ya know who gonna win,” cementing the energy of the track, with verses just as raw as the beat continues.

The sentiment is carried on into his latest drop, LORD KNOWS featuring Demo Ramirez, his second single from the upcoming SLY, SLICK & WICKED. Written in recovery after an incident where Fatel Flows survives a shooting, just being hit in the leg of four shots, giving more clarity to his experiences in the streets of Chicago, and even his name Fatel Flows. The beat comes in a slow but uplifting, almost a godfather vibe, as if a champion has overcome the odds, using strings on the high notes once again. Fatel outlines his dramatic night as he maintains his attitude as a titan, “it’s still fuck the world, chin up, my chest out. It’s still gang gang, fuck what the rest ’bout.” The chorus is a real gem in this beat, another by BugNBeats, between the production and distorted and unholy vocals, creating a dramatic exit with a the strings on its second turn. Hearing these two tunes sets the bar high for the SLY, SLICK & WICKED LP, we cannot wait to hear more!

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HershTheNubian Stays Steady Crusin: Woman Crush Wednesday

The ever elusive HershThaNubian has broken silence with a new release just before the years end. CRUSIN was released on her UNTITLED PLAYLIST EP in 2016, she now revisits the track to give it life with a music video. Ruler Images behind the camera, as Hersh strolls into a rolling rink with the coldest flow. Sporting old school disco fashion as she spits her bars, genuinely having a good time with her people, and rapping about it too. She slides onto a beat produced by Pete Rock, complimenting her raw lyricism with a boom bap inspired vibe, and you already know it is about to get lyrical. Hersh notes the video is an intro to an upcoming project, so keep your eyes and ears open for more!

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Essse’s Spanish Hip Hop Hit Camali Gets You Chanting

Most people expect to receive gifts on their birthday, but Essse is generous, and he decides to gift his fans instead! Following up on THE LEAGUE CHAMPS VOL 1 LP collaboration, and his own DELICATE & DEADLY EP, we receive Essse’s first release of the new year! In his very essence, CAMALI is expressed fully in his native Spanish tongue, further connecting with his hispanic roots and his audience. Another fine example of how the Spanish language can flow with ease into hip hop, you do not need to understand the words to rock your head to the rhythm and the beat. Chiming in with a sustained and chopped key or signal, introducing a finger picking guitar loop along a beat, while Essse enters carrying the rhythm with his vocals. “Camali, Camaleon“, Spanish or not, Essse will having you chanting the chorus with him. Those that can understand the lyrics, can find deeper meaning within the words, from the very first lines!

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Hayward Drops Music Video For Use: Monday Majesty

Hayward is back with a new release following up on his DIVINE INTERVENTION LP. His first release of the year produced in Ever Evolved Studios, USE is accompanied with a music video with an eye catching visual concept. Hayward traverses around Chicagos China town, wielding a baseball bat in an orange face mask beanie, lookin mischievous! The colors of the neon lights in contrast to Haywards Detroit bomber jacket and beanie in the video really pop out, keeping your eyes peeled as the chopped & layered visual edits work their magic. Short and sweet, Hayward keeps it mellow with this track, fit for a moody vibe, or a nice come down after a long night. He repeats “Tell me whats the use of that, I ain’t trying to get used to that,” in his chorus as he gets introspective on his verses. Get lost in your mind and wander with this beat!

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AzMattic and RhymSter Are Back with I’m A Natural

If you are familiar with the collaborations of AzMattic and RhymSter then you know THE JAZZ CIGARETTE. Well now they are back with the 1st single, I’M A NATURAL from THE JAZZ CIGARETTE 2! A fun lyrical bop by the duo explaining how easy the talent of rhyming comes to them. The 1st JAZZ CIGARETTE album came out in 2020 and this one is geared up for an early quarter 2022 release! 

This first single is a dope listen with a nice vocal mix that just sits right over the top of the beat. AzMattic and RhymSter trade short verses back and forth while sharing the hook, which is both catchy as it is hilarious; especially the line, “I never hold it in, cause I’m an asshole.” Thinking about some of the themes that are prevalent in the THE JAZZ CIGARETTE album(s), one being coffee, in which coffee lovers know it comes with the price of the shits. The other entendre is that assholes literally cannot hold it in.

To speak your mind even if it is offensive would be viewed by sensitive folks as conducting yourself as an asshole. The mixing of the hook is also dope, because you hear AzMattic rhyme it first with the lead vocal, and then RhymSter is on the hook the second time being the lead vocal, and AzMattic in the background ad-libbing. Other notable lines that spark analysis are “I’ve been captivating minds since the matrix was designed. I don’t mind, I just rhyme because it’s naturally defined,” from AzMattic. Anytime a rapper can utilize referencing the Matrix film in a unique light it is deserving of kudos by fans of the film, like some at Ever Evolved.

I’m more natural than George Gervin with the finger roll… I’m more natural than Randy Couture in octagons.” Both dope references by RhymSter, especially if you are the sports fanatic in basketball and MMA.  “Too many times have I ran into them Grant Hills. Potential high, but never reached it due to injury, went and formed a family with no ties to Sicily. AzMattic and RhymSter giving y’all that double header, powerful dynamic duo, point guard alley oop to my center!” Another sporty string of lines with basketball references weaved in from RhymSter. Grant Hill’s skill set could have made him have a MJ, KoBe, Lebron type legacy but was unfortunately cut short. Still marvelous player though, similar to Tracy McGrady.

I”m the Don, so stay in line like it’s comic con. A common misconception but you take the comments on.” This line from AzMattic might mean something about people being intimidated by hustlers who are their own bosses! A groovy lyrical listen, the track IM A NATRUAL leaves you thirsting and ready for the entire LP of THE JAZZ CIGARETTE 2. THE JAZZ CIGARETTE 2 is available on all DSPs this February 11th! 

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Wilhelm Duke Remixes Spicy By Nas

Gunnin’ for the title of remix master it seems, Wilhelm Duke stays on it with the catalog of music he has in his head. Finding the time between releasing lengthy projects like BERSERKER and other singles, collabs & remixes, the Duke manages to keep it fresh every time. This time taking aim at the legendary NAS, and his collaboration SPICY with Fivio Foreign & A$AP Ferg, Duke keeps it mild lyrically, ironically. Its no secret that Wilhelm can spit verses as quick as a whip, and he flexes that half way through, but holds back, keeping the track on a chill note. You can find more remixes on his Youtube channel where as his singles, EP’s & LP’s are easily heard on Spotify!

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SabaPIVOT & Krayzie Bone Link Up!

Coming up on many milestones to begin the year, SabaPIVOT is already locked in for 2022! Announcing his 3rd LP release late last fall, FEW GOOD THINGS is scheduled to release this February. Just as well, Saba has just surpassed 100 million plays on Spotify, and with that he releases a new single! Following up on FEAR MONGER and STOP THAT from his forthcoming LP, Saba drops COME MY WAY, which he describes as a dream come true. You can imagine the reason being a feature from one of legendary Bone Thugs N Harmony emcee’s, Krayzie Bone. The melody and lyrical composition truly feels like a contemporary Bone Thungs spiritual anthem, a different step from the first two single releases from FEW GOOD THINGS. From the sounds of all three, this LP is looking to be dynamic in its style and genres for Saba.

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Nova The King Knows You Been Waiting!

Nova The King is back with another single, and his first release of the new year. Continuing a consistent streak of music releases, unloading a slew of singles and his sophomore EP NOVA & FRIENDS last year. His latest release WAITING carries the chill laid back energy of many of his singles. His voice alone brings you to a state of relaxation, giving you focus on the moment, as the song manifests a vibe. The beat enters accompanied by a cymbal, riding along to introduce the melody and Nova sliding in with his chorus, “I know that you been waiting, just know that I’ll be late.” Though the lyrics regard a significant other, the lyrics point out Nova knows what he is about. No rush, all about patience, will even keep you waiting, but the reward is great! Certainly translates to the quality of his releases!

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Pharroh Afternoon and KD Young Cocky Link for These Old Streets.

Pharroh Afternoon is a newer artist on the scene that got the attention of the Ever Evolved camp. The mid 20’s Chicago native has already built an impressive solo catalog, with many singles out on all platforms, and a handful of music videos to go along with it. In his single, THESE OLD STREETS featuring KD Young Cocky, Pharroh Afternoon delivers an emotionally powerful verse that seems to channel Meek Mill on DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES and LIL N***A SNUPE.

“Attack every challenge, with aggression, every fight a different lesson, to be alive is a counted blessingI know how it is coming up as an adolescent, the beast of the street, will kill you in a second.

Pharroh Afternoon raps more real rawness over an uplifting and hopeful hip hop instrumental. “These old streets, have taken control of me,” the hook rings out as it is bellowed with a megaphone distorted effect. KD Young Cocky provides the hook and a solid verse to coincide and compliment Pharroh Afternoon’s parts on the hit single, THESE OLD STREETS!

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