Women Crush Wednesday: Chicago’s Rapcrush Releases F*ck It Up and Locked In

Her style and voice are infectious. Her sound is reminiscent of Remy Ma and City Girls, but with a calmer and more sarcastic tone. She is the new Chicago lady, rapper sensation, Rapcrush. The visual she created for F*CK IT UP has a unique concept. In the music video she is wearing a black with white trim cheerleader’s outfit. In the beginning she enters into a high school gym, with three people behind a table and cloth that seem to be acting as coaches or judges.

Then the track begins, and she starts dancing and performing the song. Music videos that are performance based go further, when there is a slight narrative aspect to it. Overall, the song and video are hype, and the track would be perfect for a fun night at the club with your friends.

In LOCKED IN, featuring OneFame, Rapcrush speaks on relationship experiences she has overcome. The visual features her in a white, full body suit, arguing with a man over the phone presumably, and having casual conversation with the man she actually wants to entertain. It is a prevalent theme throughout our lives; being with someone, but wanting to be with someone else. Rapcrush strikes that emotion completely, writing lines such as, “So what I got a boyfriend? He ain’t nothing, he don’t be around, he don’t call or nothing.” Now that Rapcrush is on our radar screen, we are excited to see and hear more from the talented young hip hop artist.

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Austin Fillmore Lets Emotion Pour Out with On My Own

Utilizing the cutting edge crooning that we know and love from Austin Fillmore, he hits a heartfelt vibe on his latest record, ON MY OWN. “Trappings on my mind I feel at home, demons in my room when I’m alone, lone, lone,” this specific part of the hook evokes many contemplative thoughts and feelings. Every lyric of the chorus and verses fit together seamlessly. You will find yourself starting this song again as soon as its over.

I be too fucked up, I can’t answer the phone,” sometimes brutal honesty can make for memorable lyricism, and it is paired well with an attractive melody that will make it stick even more. He goes on to flip a popular line into his own catchy style with, “You think you the best I ever had!” He sings in the second verse of the single, “I don’t really trust this shit, I don’t really move like that.” Considering Austin Fillmore dropped this track during quarantine, we whole-heartedly feel the frustrations being sung about in ON MY OWN.

Cover Photo: @zachmccollum66

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MOECYRUS Brings Legendary Smack Talk with BOOTLEG

With an absurdly long but perfect intro, MOECYRUS has some things to get off his chest with this dusty boom bap record produced by greensllime. Visuals were done by the consistent and hard working Darko Visuals aka Mikal Bae. The song is called BOOTLEG and the video has the 90’s hand held camcorder aesthetic. Thematically speaking, this is a well thought out project for specifically following all of these themes visually.

MOECYRUS starts out with, “This ain’t even rap, it’s a game of popularity. All these people too close in my vicinity. They show me love its a front, they really envy me.” This demonstrates his thoughts and feelings on the local scene and how people disingenuously navigate the rap game. He ends the music video leaving the listener with this powerful statement, “That ain’t no MOECYRUS shit, that’s a bootleg!” Safe to say if you want the real rap and not the copy cat, bump MOECYRUS records just to be sure!

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Dat Bizness Delves Deep with Blunt Ducks

An authentic Chicago sound with a flow as complex as the lyrics, BLUNT DUCKS by Dat Bizness is peppered with social commentary. His style reminiscent of Lupe Fiasco, Common, and Tupac; Dat Bizness channels everything dope about the old school into fresh new flavor. Not sparing a moment when it comes to explaining something realistic and unfortunate. “East side streets turned me to a monster… Man we was born in the drama, now we immune to the trauma, crooked cops got the streets bubbling, sauna.” Those lines speak about Chicago conditions on the South Side, which is why his music might remind one of Common.

The distinction in how Dat Bizness jumps from phrase to phrase or bar to bar in the style of Lupe Fiasco is evident in these few lines: “Too a unique, mystique, I peep the creeps in the street, you weak, I’m too deep for us to even speak, no sleep, just me and my mic, two deep, my words on beat, you heard like a few sheep!” That run of rhymes can reminds one of songs off of TETSUO AND YOUTH, or even early Lupe. The video compliments the lyrics in an upbeat, socially conscious and fashionable way.

Dat Bizness is shown getting a line up from a barber, (everyone will need one after this is all over) while performing with and without the mask, that is symbolic of the current times dealing with COVID-19. Pairing this with the lyrics, and you have an electrifying social statement and critique of modern times. Dat Bizness once again drops a classic, in the making, hip hop track representative of Chicago.

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Scoochie Boochie, The Satirical Rap Extraordinaire

Scoochie Boochie, a legend born from the magma of a volcano in the Lost City of Atlantis. His sexual humor is as hilarious as his rap inflection. But Michael Ribbens aka Scoochie Boochie hits the nail on the head when it comes to developing hilariously lude rap punchlines that almost burn the image into your mind. Influenced by the likes of the Lonely Island and Danny Brown, add some Prof of Rhyme Sayers Ent, Palmer Squares, Hoodie Allen, Childish Gambino and Watsky, you might come out with a Scoochie Boochie.

Regardless of those you could compare him to, his style is unique, memorable and definitely comedic. Notable lines that stood out in HI for their satirical impact: “If you need a frame of reference, meet the smiling face your lady pressed her breast against... Booty like everest, treacherous, many men have tried and failed to scale it, but I bested it; yes I did.” Schoochie Boochie has two previous releases out, DIPPIN SAUCE’ and BUTTER MONEY. If you enjoy stand up, sex jokes, rap and fat breasts– I mean fat BEATS, you will love Scoochie Boochie. He also rocks the tight fitted sailor outfit in HI sure to get your girlfriend wet.

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Artist of the Week: Brad Kemp Music

Brad Kemp recently dropped a half hour beat tape, LISTEN IN HEADPHONES, that made some rounds in the Chicago underground rap circuit. He has already been making some waves in a more mainstream market being 1/3 of Handsome Naked. They have appeared on NBC and have done some considerable numbers on the internet. Their album DOORS charted #2 on iTunes comedy albums charts!

You also might be familiar with Brad Kemp from his collaborations with Chore Boy in STORIES YOU CAN TELL YOURSELF, MISTAKEN FOR GRANTED, and EXORDIUM. He has also collaborated with a host of other Chicago names including CantBuyDeem, Vagabond Maurice, TomCat Trumpet, Glitter Money, MFNmelo of Pivot Gang, Femdot, and many more. Wilhelm Duke recently dropped a song produced by Brad Kemp called, RUN THE GAME, a soulful bombastic lyrical essay. Brad Kemp is also premiering new original instrumental production every other day on his YouTube channel. His consistency with putting out quality music and collaborating with a wide scope of peers is why he is deserving of Artist of the Week!

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Artist of the Week: WRDS Demonstrates Why He’s a Top Talent in Chicago with Winter Solstice.

Puerto Rican born and Chicago raised, WRDS has 4 albums under his belt; MORE THAN WRDS, SERCRET SESSIONS, SECRET SESSIONS II and finally, WINTER SOLSTICE. All records showcasing the utmost of lyrical dexterity, tight syncopated flow, and hard hitting relatable lines for anyone who has grown up and currently resides in a concrete jungle.

WRDS recruits Chicago recording artists Sonata, Clew, and fellow Chi-Native colleague Mic Logik to help add some depth to his album. They provide strong complimentary features and were perfectly incorporated onto the project. Overall out of ten songs, WRDS takes on eight of those tracks by himself. It is impressive when an emcee can put out a body of work that is palatable with a lack of features. It gives the listener a better idea of the true sound and style of the artist. Feature heavy records are great of course, but WRDS sets himself apart by releasing content that is mostly himself, having virtually no features on either of his previous SECRET SESSIONS releases and only one feature on MORE THAN WRDS.

Credit: @aqrunitback @thehitshop_

WRDS drops winter time wisdom with his latest release. Favorite and memorable tracks are WZRD, METAL FACE, and STARS. In WZRD he raps “Gotta wear a cape like batman, I ain’t gotta pay for the lap dance, i just gotta do me, truly, crazy how I became that man!” This hook is quite catchy and will have you guaranteed to put the track on repeat; it gives the listener a sense of empowerment and accomplishment in the face of adversity. In STARS, WRDS raps “See I swang with gorillas in the canopy, if I was them yes of course I would be mad at me this planet is my canvas and the universe my gallery!” This line hits a listener with that cosmic sense of touting you are one of the best and proving that within the analogy of a dope rap line.

WRDS strings together a plethora of rhymes relating to the cosmos leading up to that line, he builds up the song to the hook “We shoot for the stars, we shoot for the stars…” In METAL FACE, WRDS rhymes “Man I speak in facts, beef is what a vegan lacks, I’ve been breathing facts deep into my heathen raps, I tried to lead with love, now I gotta lead with stats, I don’t bleed blood, cut me what I bleed is black ink on a page, you just touch it and it’s me attached.” This was the craziest and most mind blowing string of rhymes to listen to on the record. The type of string that sends the shiver down your spine after realizing the meaning and piecing it together in the moment as one is listening.

Bravo to WRDS for his 4th release and getting hard core rap fans through the quarantine with quality enjoyable hip hop that makes you think. Going through the rest of WRDS catalog is highly recommended especially if you’re in the need of lyrical inspiration. His style is refreshing for all those that haven’t been privy to the Chicago heavy weight. Ever Evolved is anxiously anticipating more work from WRDS and the Chi-Native squad!

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Seyso Links with Cado San to Make “For Sure”

Seyso and Cado San have been in the Chicago scene for a while now. You might not be familiar with Seyso as this is his first long term recording/producing artist project. Also known as EyeHaveSeen previously, he has produced almost 100 songs under that alias for artists Roy French, CantBuyDeem, Jinx, Black Ralphyl, AJ Peace and more. He has also been a graphic artist as early as 2015, shooting and video editing and doing cover arts for many artists, most notably CantBuyDeem, Roy French, and Yung Tact, etc.

Cado San is 1/3 of the Chicago hip hop trio, White PPL. And when these two collaborate, as they did on FOR SURE, it makes for some uniquely lyrical and melodic music. Cado’s gravelly auto-tune singing helps the listener really feel the pain in his voice. His flow compliments Seyso’s trippy ambient guitar production on the instrumental, and when Seyso comes in with his low bass auto-tuned voice, the transition feels seamless. His singing offers a great juxtaposition to Cado’s higher melodies.

Seyso also recently dropped a 7 track project entirely self produced, featuring Anai, AJ Peace, and Roy French. The 7 track record is named VAGABOND, and is currently streaming everywhere. Having a new artist and producer brand, he is already off to a great start in building his catalog of songs and records. We are excited to see more production and songs from Seyso in the future. If his collaborations are any indication, recording artists sound quite developed and refined on Seyso instrumentals.

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Artist of the Week: DJ Curt Henny Rolls Out Sonic Rawness With S.U.S.H.I.

SONGS U SHOULD HEAR INTOXICATED or S.U.S.H.I. is a fantastic mix series to listen to during any state of mind, because it offers much variety in the music being spun. It would not hurt to be under the influence of a little cognac, and well, who doesn’t love cognac? Artists you might be familiar with include Conway The Machine, Amy Winehouse, Kanye West, Casey Veggies, Kid Cudi, Quentin Miller (Drake ghostwriter), The Underachievers, Stormzy, Ibeyi, Lil Wayne and Chicago local rising talent SoloSam, and more. DJ Curt Henny offers an eclectic mix of sounds and styles with his S.U.S.H.I. volumes 1 and 2.

Before the quarantine virtually shut down the live entertainment industry; one could find DJ Curt Henny spinning all over Chicagoland. Working showcases, open mics, weddings, or even big opener sets spinning for SoloSam and various Ever Evolved artists. Now that most of the industry has resorted to bedroom antics, we are excited to hear more SONGS U SHOULD HEAR INTOXICATED. We are sure a lot of you will be frequently under the influence, so turn on some DJ Curt Henny.

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Shay Budda Delo: The Chicago Top Boy

Shay Budda Delo aka Deloney is a mysteriously talented Chicago rapper. Staying low key and popping out once in a while to rock a dope song at an open mic. His sound and style is a mesh of influences depending on the song. This record he has with a visual called QUALIFY, shows him doing street activities such as riding BMX’s, shooting hoops, and being posted up, while rapping in London with his homies. Every shot looks straight out of a scene from the popular Netflix street gangster show, Top Boy.

Deloney raps “If you not speaking Gaupanese leave me alone mane, if you’s a broke ***** I don’t even know ya name...” Ending the verse with “I can’t afford to let you play me for these tokens.” Right off the bat, (as he’s holding a bat or piece of wood in later scenes and shots) you feel the dark but very real and visceral energy emanating from Shay Budda Delo. After the visual you are left scratching your head and wondering how he has London connections being a Chicago rapper, definitely impressive. The song kicks, go stream it now!

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