NateBroskii Gives Thanks: Artist of the Week

There is no other way to describe NateBroskii’s attitude other than one of gratitude. It is no surprise his debut EP would express the same energy, saying THANK YOU in its title, as he holds up a League Champ trophy with a big grin on his face. With that visual in mind, the first track is even more uplifting upon first listen, introducing the EP with future classic electronic bass style with the beat, and lyrics expressing love & gratitude. Bringing it down to earth on WORLD WE LIVV IN, with a lo-fi hip hop beat and some raw lyricism featuring Lazzey. Craftfully place a majority instrumental interlude down the middle of THANK YOU, Natebroskii created a smooth flow within his first body of work. A great start with his catalogue, on top studio engineering at Ever Evolved; get connected with Broskii!

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