Pharroh Afternoon and KD Young Cocky Link for These Old Streets.

Pharroh Afternoon is a newer artist on the scene that got the attention of the Ever Evolved camp. The mid 20’s Chicago native has already built an impressive solo catalog, with many singles out on all platforms, and a handful of music videos to go along with it. In his single, THESE OLD STREETS featuring KD Young Cocky, Pharroh Afternoon delivers an emotionally powerful verse that seems to channel Meek Mill on DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES and LIL N***A SNUPE.

“Attack every challenge, with aggression, every fight a different lesson, to be alive is a counted blessingI know how it is coming up as an adolescent, the beast of the street, will kill you in a second.

Pharroh Afternoon raps more real rawness over an uplifting and hopeful hip hop instrumental. “These old streets, have taken control of me,” the hook rings out as it is bellowed with a megaphone distorted effect. KD Young Cocky provides the hook and a solid verse to coincide and compliment Pharroh Afternoon’s parts on the hit single, THESE OLD STREETS!

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