CantBuyDeem & Keem Singing Don’t Skip Beat: Monday Majesty

Keep Singing & CantBuyDeem never SKIP A BEAT when it comes to making dope tunes. It only makes sense they combine their talents onto a single track, and they went a little further with a music video for their collab SKIP A BEAT. The R&B singer and hip hop aficionado compliment each others style sharing the chorus, with Keem rocking the final verse following Deems opener verses, over a menacing yet melodic beat. “You don’t know the half of it” Deem preaches while Keem doubles up with, “cant walk a mile in these shoes, I don’t skip a beat“. They two acknowledge their individual history and their convictions as they grow to insure sustainability in their life for them selves, their craft and loved ones. SKIP A BEAT debuts as the first single off a collab compilation project, called the LEAGUE CHAMPS, between Chicago artists and Ever Evolved Studios, ranging multiple genres from hip hop, house and metal. The two have a handful of features and drop this taster to tease and foreshadow the LEAGUE CHAMPS LP out June 15.

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