StankNasty Wanted For Releasing Bangers

Starting out the year early & strong with the release of his debut EP EPIC, StankNasty is continuing the momentum. Poppin’ back out for a fresh hip hop beat, Stank releases BANGER with a few notable heads to contribute, to truly make it suitable to its title. Bringing in some serious players on production and engineering with Johnny Innuendo and Gerald The Genius L, delivering a piano and string heavy melody, trapped out with hi hats and beat work. Joining StankNasty on the mic is AMK with the chorus, an artist that really adds the perfect touch to make a banger, as he did with StankNasty once before with THE LORD KNOWS. Really growing into his shoes with this beat, StankNasty sounds more polished on the mic the more we hear from him, packing a mouthful of lyrics in a verse with ease, “we stay out howling, only getting louder, we drawing the crowds, we coming for the crown. So you ain’t gonna hear no mother fuckin hush from us.” It looks like he is still just getting started and you can hear it when he says “I’m hungry as f*ck“.

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