Get You Some Foreign Connections Like RhymSter

RhymSter seems to only have just begun to bring his visions to life. More than quantity and consistency in music, presentation and creativity is also a key factor. Living this on a day to day basis, RhymSter reels in creatives like a magnet, and gets to creating hip hop master pieces. With all his recent releases and collaborations to include a BOSS SH*T music video with Wilhelm Duke, JAZZ CIGARETTE LP with AzMattic and Edmur Quinn Co-Ops, RhymSter still has more creative projects on his mind. This time he announces his FOREIGN CONNECTION project with long time associate and producer Henrik3000 from Germany, releasing GET YOU SOME featuring REZ, to start off a series of releases.

RhymSters recent work has consistently shown a creative presentation that really gives you a whole entertaining hip hop experience. From parody-ing BETWEN TWO FERNS with Zach Galifianakis, to giving you a jazz experience with AzMattic, to conceptualized projects that emphasize producers like Edmur Quinn, RhymSter begins another journey with Henrik3000, releasing 1 track a week for 3 months. Showcasing the chemistry a producer and an artist emcee has, particularly between the German born producer and the Chicago hip hop junkie. Continue following RhymSter and Henrik3000 to hear what two different hip hop cultures from across the ocean can produce!

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