AMK Is Invincible With Ducks In A Row

Chicago area artist AMK comes out with a hype and ambitious track, DUCKS IN A ROW, hip hop and trap fans can rock with. AMK gives off that confidence in his lyrics thats infectious right from the start with his chorus. “I’m too legit I give bout zero f*cks, way high up in the sky, I can’t be touched,” over some heavy bass beat patterns, and some anthemic melody, credit to Johnnyinnuendo and Gerald Leibnitz‘s mix and mastering. An attitude to emulate, “Im headin for the door, so greedy wanting more, I reap what I sow, ten toes to the floor“, like he got his game tight and his goals right! Add this to your playlist to hype up any crowd with a dope beat, or on the regular to motivate the hustle in you!

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