StankNasty Teases LP Project With Newest Single, Know The Name

StankNasty is poised to have an outstanding year as an artist. With consistency, his vocal and lyrical performance gets better with every release, as well as his content creativity. From the beat and sample selection, to conceptualizing tracks, word choice and flow, experimenting as he goes. Having already grown as an artist so much, he is ready for his next big move!

Pulling off some great releases this year, and as far as creativity goes, he executes with ease. He conceptualizes his ideas and artistic expression naturally with early tracks like CARNAGE and SCATTER BRAINED. He speaks with confidence and ferocity in his latest tracks ABOUT THAT TIME and PREACHING TO THE CHOIR. Dipping into his creative side with his GODS OF ROCK, sampling the iconic HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN. With all this work put in place, StankNasty creeps up to another milestone with his next release.

Plotting his moves every step of the way, through his effort you will KNOW THE NAME, which is the title for his latest release. Similarly to GODS OF ROCK, StankNasty samples a popular score, ARRIVAL TO EARTH by Steve Jablonsky, from the Transformers film franchise, giving the song a very cinematic energy. The track is going to be his first single release from his upcoming 3 track album EPIC-EP. Hearing his playlist and creativity evolve thus far, we should expect the project to produce some quality sounds.

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