StankNasty Lyrically Manifests Success Energy With About That Time

After a few successes, depending on your definition of success, one is bound to speak with confidence and be urged to motivate; it is an energy and idea you cannot keep to yourself. Following his last few public releases, StankNasty reveals ABOUT THAT TIME, following his songs PREACHING TO THE CHOIR, I KNOW I’VE WON, SCATTER BRAINED and CARNAGE, this year. Feeling comfortable in his lyrical talents by now, StankNasty exclaims, “anything I touch gonna turn to gold, success gonna favor the bold, a young gunner bringing new flavor to old, get a little taste you gonna savor the flow.” With an upbeat, edm influenced beat, you can really feel StankNasty’s motivated energy, and it may be infectious to anyone that may be facing hesitation, once you pay attention to the wisdom in the lyrics.

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