Woman Crush Wednesday: Leah Jean Displays Authenticity In Her Music

Originally from Dayton, Ohio, this Midwest artist made her way through Chicago, and now resides in Nashville. Leah Jean has caught our attention during an Artist Collective networking event, where she was performing solo on stage with her guitar. A signature look as you get familiar with her music! Her style offers a fresh sound in a city saturated with artists, her lyrics and sound can invoke a confident vulnerability in your soul, and her voice can bring chills to your spine!

Always putting her talents humbly on display, Leah owns a Youtube channel where she creates acoustic and electric covers of her favorite songs and artists like Raveena Aurora, Snoh Alegra, Tom Misch, Bill Withers and more. Trained in classical and jazz guitar styles, she adds her own touch along the way, and video editing shows the extent of her creativity. Her inspirations are often jazz, folk, R&B and soul inspired, as evident by her series of covers! She keeps the ethereal energy in her original songs as well, with a new release she calls RIGHT THERE, singing about a fantasy like relationship. Her music, and creativity she puts in her videos, can give fans a real sense of connectivity to themselves and her music for its authentic quality!

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