Woman Crush Wednesday: Luna Monet

It is hard to be open about your thoughts and emotions, even many adults have difficulty processing them. Artists on the other hand learn to express themselves with ease, and one young artist lets that transparency guide her recent releases. Luna Monet, recently turning 18 years young, seems to have a natural emotional maturity, as she sings and harmonizes about her battles and growth. Discovered at TIP YAS Fest last summer at Chicago’s Millennium park while scoping out K.E.N‘s performance, she left quite the imprint with her live performance.

Her performance was packed with energy, choreographed backup dancers, live instruments and a DJ, receiving much applause to a stunned audience. Luna Monet leaves people in awe, being such a young artist with such quality production to her set and music, understandably too! She only builds upon that with new releases in recent weeks, where she turns to deep intro/retro- spection as she grows as a young artist. She calls the series of releases THE L SERIES, each song holding concept to a word beginning with the letter L. With bold expression to the testament of a growing artist in Chicago, she sings about confidence, motivation, depression and mixed emotions over beautiful melodies, piano chords, percussion, R&B and A cappella tracks.

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