Join the Dark Side With Novatores’ LP Embrace The Darkness

From the South Side of Chicago, Novatore is known for his hardcore, hip hop style. You have probably seen his branding on a shirt at a local venue, in one of Chicago’s night life neighborhoods. Killin the mic with raw lyricism, filled with street wisdom and sinister thoughts, over heavy, boom bap influenced beats. Just recently releasing his latest LP, EMBRACE THE DARKNESS, you get a wild peak of what he has crafting in his mind.

With lyricism and flow that attracts fans and artists of underground and 90’s hip hop and boom bap, his skill eventually allowed him to work and perform with legendary artists Mobb Depp, Immortal Technique, Apathy & Celph Titled of Demigodz, and more. His circle also consists of some lyrically heavy, local Chicago artists. Inviting a few friends on board to add their verses into the album, MOECYRUS, Termanology, AC Delgado, The God Fahim, iLL Zakiel and Celph Titled, all compliment the energy of this the project.

Looking at the song titles itself, its looking like a wild ride, but to EMBRACE THE DARKNESS is what this is about. With production by C Lance, it goes by smoothly, and the lyricism keeps you entertained. “I’m trying to spit dope, but most of ya’ll don’t notice. I’m consistent with the wicked sick shit, I never broke the focus. Trying to invoke hope? Nah, im tryin to choke throats. Sometimes I spit to crickets, but I’m as rare as a locust.” And that is only to start off, VENOM off the bat gives you a taste of the dark nature of the this LP. If heavy on the beats and lyrics is how you like it, EMBRACE THE DARKNESS.

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