Lassai Brings Quality & Quantity With New Releases

Coming from Chicago, it is natural to expect quality, and Lassai can speak for most of us when he says, “If it aint real, I don’t want to waste your time,” in one of his recent releases, SUPERFICIAL, regarding relationships. Being a queer artist in a big city, one would recognize quality, if you cannot tell from Lassai’s fashion sense in his photos. Not stopping there, the track in it self is pristine and damn near angelic with light string instrumentation, piano chords, along a melody and serenading vocals. When Lassai says “Follow me, worshiping, quality over quantity“, you do not give it a second guess.

The beautiful acoustic ballad, produced by Br8keboy and written by Lassai, is to be followed up by another track, NO SHADE. This time bringing in a couple of talented artists, Petty and Juice Waters, to collaborate over a Lo-fi beat. Petty and true to her name, she pops in after Lassai’s lead, “I get a message, been thinkin bout me, want to get reconnected… didn’t respond, taught him a lesson“. Once again Lassai reads our minds, with a catchy chorus singing, “No Shade, when I say… It’s a no for me, can’t have me going crazy.” Juice Waters flow compliments the aura of the track, and to put it altogether, these are worthy of a replay. A collab piece and a single preview of an upcoming EP to be called WONDERLAND?

That is a yes, please for me!

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