Dat Bizness Delves Deep with Blunt Ducks

An authentic Chicago sound with a flow as complex as the lyrics, BLUNT DUCKS by Dat Bizness is peppered with social commentary. His style reminiscent of Lupe Fiasco, Common, and Tupac; Dat Bizness channels everything dope about the old school into fresh new flavor. Not sparing a moment when it comes to explaining something realistic and unfortunate. “East side streets turned me to a monster… Man we was born in the drama, now we immune to the trauma, crooked cops got the streets bubbling, sauna.” Those lines speak about Chicago conditions on the South Side, which is why his music might remind one of Common.

The distinction in how Dat Bizness jumps from phrase to phrase or bar to bar in the style of Lupe Fiasco is evident in these few lines: “Too a unique, mystique, I peep the creeps in the street, you weak, I’m too deep for us to even speak, no sleep, just me and my mic, two deep, my words on beat, you heard like a few sheep!” That run of rhymes can reminds one of songs off of TETSUO AND YOUTH, or even early Lupe. The video compliments the lyrics in an upbeat, socially conscious and fashionable way.

Dat Bizness is shown getting a line up from a barber, (everyone will need one after this is all over) while performing with and without the mask, that is symbolic of the current times dealing with COVID-19. Pairing this with the lyrics, and you have an electrifying social statement and critique of modern times. Dat Bizness once again drops a classic, in the making, hip hop track representative of Chicago.

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