Woman Crush Wednesday: VibeQueen Uplifts The Soul

You cannot get the energy wrong with a name like VibeQueen! Kicking it in Chicago, she has her hands tied into a few projects with a righteous mission. Each project comes with a statement of spirituality, self awareness & leveling up the collective consciousness in the music industry. She does this by releasing music with positive intent, and hosting a podcast talking with artists and entrepreneurs.

A host, a singer and songwriter, she has been in the music industry long enough to perfect her mission uplifting fellow artists with her. As a host promoting artists and entrepreneurs on her podcast Vibe Talk Music, she take time to bring awareness to self awareness and positive energy and the journey in which the artists take to become. As a music artists, she creates uplifting electronic music, that creates a meditative quality for the listener. Her latest release WE VIBIN’ on 4/20, her lyrics open you up to yourself and and a feeling of freedom within!

Vibequeen | Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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