Artist of the Week: WRDS Demonstrates Why He’s a Top Talent in Chicago with Winter Solstice.

Puerto Rican born and Chicago raised, WRDS has 4 albums under his belt; MORE THAN WRDS, SERCRET SESSIONS, SECRET SESSIONS II and finally, WINTER SOLSTICE. All records showcasing the utmost of lyrical dexterity, tight syncopated flow, and hard hitting relatable lines for anyone who has grown up and currently resides in a concrete jungle.

WRDS recruits Chicago recording artists Sonata, Clew, and fellow Chi-Native colleague Mic Logik to help add some depth to his album. They provide strong complimentary features and were perfectly incorporated onto the project. Overall out of ten songs, WRDS takes on eight of those tracks by himself. It is impressive when an emcee can put out a body of work that is palatable with a lack of features. It gives the listener a better idea of the true sound and style of the artist. Feature heavy records are great of course, but WRDS sets himself apart by releasing content that is mostly himself, having virtually no features on either of his previous SECRET SESSIONS releases and only one feature on MORE THAN WRDS.

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WRDS drops winter time wisdom with his latest release. Favorite and memorable tracks are WZRD, METAL FACE, and STARS. In WZRD he raps “Gotta wear a cape like batman, I ain’t gotta pay for the lap dance, i just gotta do me, truly, crazy how I became that man!” This hook is quite catchy and will have you guaranteed to put the track on repeat; it gives the listener a sense of empowerment and accomplishment in the face of adversity. In STARS, WRDS raps “See I swang with gorillas in the canopy, if I was them yes of course I would be mad at me this planet is my canvas and the universe my gallery!” This line hits a listener with that cosmic sense of touting you are one of the best and proving that within the analogy of a dope rap line.

WRDS strings together a plethora of rhymes relating to the cosmos leading up to that line, he builds up the song to the hook “We shoot for the stars, we shoot for the stars…” In METAL FACE, WRDS rhymes “Man I speak in facts, beef is what a vegan lacks, I’ve been breathing facts deep into my heathen raps, I tried to lead with love, now I gotta lead with stats, I don’t bleed blood, cut me what I bleed is black ink on a page, you just touch it and it’s me attached.” This was the craziest and most mind blowing string of rhymes to listen to on the record. The type of string that sends the shiver down your spine after realizing the meaning and piecing it together in the moment as one is listening.

Bravo to WRDS for his 4th release and getting hard core rap fans through the quarantine with quality enjoyable hip hop that makes you think. Going through the rest of WRDS catalog is highly recommended especially if you’re in the need of lyrical inspiration. His style is refreshing for all those that haven’t been privy to the Chicago heavy weight. Ever Evolved is anxiously anticipating more work from WRDS and the Chi-Native squad!

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