Seyso Links with Cado San to Make “For Sure”

Seyso and Cado San have been in the Chicago scene for a while now. You might not be familiar with Seyso as this is his first long term recording/producing artist project. Also known as EyeHaveSeen previously, he has produced almost 100 songs under that alias for artists Roy French, CantBuyDeem, Jinx, Black Ralphyl, AJ Peace and more. He has also been a graphic artist as early as 2015, shooting and video editing and doing cover arts for many artists, most notably CantBuyDeem, Roy French, and Yung Tact, etc.

Cado San is 1/3 of the Chicago hip hop trio, White PPL. And when these two collaborate, as they did on FOR SURE, it makes for some uniquely lyrical and melodic music. Cado’s gravelly auto-tune singing helps the listener really feel the pain in his voice. His flow compliments Seyso’s trippy ambient guitar production on the instrumental, and when Seyso comes in with his low bass auto-tuned voice, the transition feels seamless. His singing offers a great juxtaposition to Cado’s higher melodies.

Seyso also recently dropped a 7 track project entirely self produced, featuring Anai, AJ Peace, and Roy French. The 7 track record is named VAGABOND, and is currently streaming everywhere. Having a new artist and producer brand, he is already off to a great start in building his catalog of songs and records. We are excited to see more production and songs from Seyso in the future. If his collaborations are any indication, recording artists sound quite developed and refined on Seyso instrumentals.

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